Merge iPhone voice memos

The Voice Memos app on iPhone iPad provides very basic editing features. You can use it to trim sound recordings right in the app, but you can’t merge different recording files into one without third-party apps. Fortunately the iMovie app on Mac can be used to combine audio files, music songs and voice memos. Alternatively you can also download an audio editor from App Store to join voice memos together right on iPhone without a Mac or PC. 

Method 1. Combine voice memos on iPhone

There are many different audio editor apps you can download from App Store to merge two or more audio files, sound recordings on iPhone. Hokusai is a professional audio editor app that can mix or combine multiple audio clips, sound tracks on iPhone.

hokusai to import, align, combine voice memos, audio tracks on iphone

It comes with both free and premium versions. You can use its free version to combine multiple audio files and sound recordings on iPhone without any fee.  

Method 2. Combine voice memos using iMovie on Mac

In order to use iMovie on Mac to combine iPhone voice memos, you have to firstly export voice memos from iPhone to Mac. Since Mac Mojave, the Voice Memos app was built into the Mac OS, which made it possible to sync voice memos automatically via iCloud. You can easily access iPhone voice memos from your Mac and edit them on your Mac.

With both iPhone and Mac are signed in to the same iCloud account, open Voice Memos app on Mac, you can find all iPhone voice memos from the left panel.  You can simply drag and drop a voice recording from the Voice Memos app to Mac desktop or any other folder in Finder.

voice memos app mac

Launch iMovie on Mac. Drag and drop the voice memos from Finder your desktop to the timeline in iMovie. Drag and drop a voice recording file in the timeline to change its order. Once the voice memos in the right order, go to combine them and export it to computer as a new audio file from File > Share > File. You’ll also have the option to choose output format among AAC, MP3, AIFF, WAV when saving it from iMovie to Mac. 

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