How to merge M4A files on computer?

M4A is a file extension for audio files encoded with advanced audio coding (AAC). M4A audio files are widely used in Mac OS. For example, QuickTime player creates m4a sound recording files on Mac. A lot of times when you’re dealing with music or audios files you run into a situation where you want to join several audio files into one file so you can easily rename, transfer, or share them. If you are looking for a quick way to combine videos, audios on Windows or Mac computer, this Video Converter is your best choice.

Run the above video converter on your Windows or Mac. We will use its Windows version in this demo. Then drag and drop to add M4A files and/or other audio files, such as AAC, MP3, AIF, AIFF, WAV, etc. You can drag audio files up or down in the list to reorder them.

merge m4a aiff mp3 and more audio files on windows pc using video converter wnds

At the upper right section, you should find the “Convert all files to” box, where you can pick up the target video and audio formats. You can choose M4A, MP3 or other formats you need.

At the lower right corner, you can see the big Convert button. Before this button, there is a setting you can’t skip. Click to turn on the “Merge All Videos“, applies to audios as well. Finally click Convert button to combine all added audio files into one file.

This new audio file will be saved to the Output folder of the media converter. You can find it at the bottom of the converter window.

Combining multiple audio clips, sound recordings extra tips

The above media converter software can also help us combine two or more voice recordings on Windows 10. Android and iPhone users can transfer their audio files or music from mobile phone to their PC or Mac, then use it to join multiple audio files together. For example, you can combine multiple iPhone voice memos using this media converter and editor program on computer.