Merge multiple videos using QuickTime Player on Mac

Apple’s QuickTime Player is a very useful tool for Mac users. It is not just a media player, but also a converter, recorder and more. You can use it to play movie, music, create and edit movies, record your screen and audio, etc. We have several articles introducing some of its hidden features before. For example, you can use it to record sound on Mac, mirror iPhone iPad screen to Mac, and so on. Today, we will show you how it can combine multiple video clips into one file on Mac using the free version of QuickTime Player.

How to combine multiple videos using the free version of QuickTime on Mac?

There are two ways to achieve that, either through the commands in the Edit menu or drag and drop.

Method 1. Insert and combine video clips in QuickTime

You can use the commands in the Edit menu to insert new video clips and merge two or more video files into a single file. Open a video in QuickTime Player, then click Edit menu and choose Add Clip to End…, then choose another video and insert it after the first video clip in the QuickTime Player.

quicktime player for Mac to add extra clip to the end of current video clip

The player control bar will now turn into a container box where the video thumbnails are placed. To add additional video clips, click Edit menu and choose Insert Clip After Selection…., then locate and add more extra videos, movies to the same video file.

merge multiple videos in quicktime player for mac

You can go to play the several video clips in QuickTime before saving them as a single file.

To merge multiple video files and save them to your Mac as one video file, click File menu, choose Export As, select target video resolution, 480p, 720p, 1080p or 4K, name the video file, choose a different directory to save it if like, finally click the Save button to complete.

Method 2. Drag and drop to merge multiple videos in Quicktime

Other than the commands in Edit menu, you can use drag-n-drop to quickly insert more video clips and join them together in QuickTime Player for Mac.

Open the first video in QuickTime Player on Mac. Then find the second video in Finder, drag and drop this video to the QuickTime window, you will see the two video clips in the container box at the lower section of the QuickTime window. You can repeat the steps to add extra video clips. The added videos can be re-arranged. Simply drag a video clip and drop it in a new position in this video clips container box.

Go to the File menu >> Save As, choose a resolution and follow on-screen tips to save multiple video clips as a single video on your Mac.

Can I Merge videos using QuickTime Player on Windows PC?

No. Currently you can’t do that on a Windows PC. You will need to use other video converters instead. Check out this tutorial to combine video clips on computer.

Can I combine multiple videos to a different format other than MOV?

Unfortunately, the free version of QuickTime Player for Mac does not offer extra output file format settings or presets. If you need other video formats, you can refer to the previous linked article which introduces third-party video converters that support a wide range of codecs and formats.