How to merge and remove duplicate contacts on HTC phone?

Do you get duplicate contacts in the People or contact app on HTC mobile? There are different reasons your HTC phone has duplicate contacts, such as same contacts on both phone and SIM card, contacts synced from multiple email accounts, contacts synced from different social network accounts, etc. No matter how the duplicate contacts occur, you can follow below instructions to prevent duplicate contacts and remove any duplicates on HTC mobile phone.

Merge contacts on HTC phone

Merging contacts’ information can avoid duplicate entries. Launch the People app on your HTC mobile phone. On the People tab,tap the Menu icon at the bottom right corner, then choose Manage contacts from the pop-up menu. Tap Merge contacts, then your HTC phone will automatically find all contacts’ information that can be merged and you have the option to preview them and merge them one by one.

merge remove duplicate contacts on htc mobile phone

Remove duplicate contacts on HTC phone

In the Manage contacts screen, other than Merge contacts, you can also find the Remove duplicates option. Tap on this option to allow you HTC phone scan and find out all duplicate contacts. After that you can preview, select or deselect any duplicates and finally remove all selected duplicate contacts from HTC mobile.

HTC duplicate contacts merging vs deleting

If you choose to merge contacts on HTC phone, your phone will check all linked contacts, and merge these linked contact in preferred account. Duplicate contacts removal will check all contacts in one account and delete duplicate contacts, who has exactly the same attributes.

More ways to delete duplicate contacts on Android phones

Except the HTC smartphone built-in features to remove duplicate contacts on the mobile, you can also choose third-party software solutions. Find out more alternatives from this guide to delete duplicate contacts on Android phones.

Backup contacts from phone to computer

The contacts and phone numbers are very important data on our phones. Before you delete contacts, you can back them up to avoid data loss. Samsung phones can follow these steps to export contacts from Samsung phone to computer. If you are using a Xiaomi or Redmi phone, see this tutorial to backing up contacts from Xiaomi to PC.

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