How to Merge Samsung Voice Recordings?

Samsung mobile phones have a built-in voice recording app called Voice Recorder allows you to record any sound or audio you like. You can use it to record any sounds detected by the microphones or make a voice recording of an interview or create a voice memo on the mobile phone. Samsung has made voice recording, audio files sharing and management very easy. For skilled users who want to edit the recorded audio files however you will find the voice recorder app on Samsung cellphone lacks some essential features. For example you can trim or cut voice recordings on latest Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 but you cannot merge Samsung voice recordings. Sometimes when you have splitted long voice recording files into short ones, you may want to join two or more voice recordings together to create a full or complete audio file a specific theme. Check out the instruction below if you like to do so.
samsung galaxy voice recorder app

How to Merge Samsung Voice Recordings?

We will be using a media editor tool for Windows and Mac computer to merge voice recordings from Samsung phones. Firstly go to transfer voice recordings from Samsung phone to your computer. You can make use of the built-in share features in Voice Recording app to send voice recording audio files from Samsung, then receive the audio files on your computer. For example, you can email voice or sound files to yourself and download onto your PC or Mac. For large files transfer, you can connect up your phone to PC through USB data cord and copy the voice recordings from Samsung to PC.

Now go to download the audio editor software below, we will use it to combine multiple Samsung voice recording files into one with it in the demo.

Install and run the media program on your PC, it will default to the media conversion tab. Before adding source audio files to the software, make sure to change Samsung voice recordings file extension from 3GA to MP3, you can also edit the file extension from 3GA to 3GP or WMV, see more details from this guide to convert Samsung voice recordings from 3GA to MP3. This change will allow you to add source files to the converter. Now simply drag and drop the source audios now in .mp3 or .3gp format into the converter. See below screenshot.

merge samsung galaxy voice recordings

Go to the Output Format section, choose a more standard audio format, such as MP3 as the output format so you will be able to play the combined Samsung voice recording file on virtually any audio player, video player, mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. Go to the bottom section of this media editor software, click to enable “Merge all audios into one file” option and click the Convert button to merge multiple Samsung voice recordings into one file. Open the output folder of the converter, you can find the merged sound files from there. If you have recorded some fun sounds or voices, you can also turn Samsung voice recordings to ringtones for your Galaxy phone.