Merge video files using LosslessCut

In a previous tutorial, we discussed how VLC can help us join two videos into one file on Windows computer. It seems to be too complicate for average users without technical background. Soon after that we came across the free and open source video editor LosslessCut. We were excited to discover that this free software can help us concatenate files in series in a much easier way. We can’t wait to share with anyone who face the same issue.

Get the free video editor

LosslessCut is the swiss army knife of lossless video/audio editing for Windows, Mac and Linux. Its free and open source.

losslesscut video editor for mac

Steps to combine multiple videos with LosslessCut

Launch LosslessCut on your computer. If you are on Windows, you can see its home screen like this.

LosslessCut free video audio editor for windows

Before you start using this free tool for video or audio cuts, click the Working dir unset button before the Settings button at the top right corner to set a working directory. All output files created by LosslessCut will be saved to its working directory.

Click Tools from the top menu bar, choose Merge/concatenate files from the drop-down menu list.

losslesscut for windows tools merge multiple files

You will then be prompted to select and add source video files that you intend to join them together. Use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select multiple files and add them into LosslessCut.

losslesscut for windows to merge multiple video files

The Batch file list displays all videos you have added, you can rearrange the order in the list or delete unwanted files from the list. When you have put them in the right order, click the Merge button.

losslesscut for windows merge multiple videos & settings

Now you will have more options to customize. For example, you can enable “Check compatibility” to check file compatibility before merging. You have to make sure all files are of the exact same codecs & codec parameters (fps, resolution etc). You can also choose to preserve original metadata if want. You can choose output video format/codec, set output file name, etc.

You can also skip these options and click the Merge button to join all files in the list together into one. The merged video will be saved to the working directory of LosslessCut. Remember that we have showed you how to set the working directory for LosslessCut above?

Play the merged video file using your preferred media or movie player to make sure it can be played properly.

Combine multiple video clips on Mac

It is almost the same to use LosslessCut on Mac as described above. You select and drag two or more video clips from Finder to LosslessCut to import them and they will be displayed in the Batch file list.

Drag video clips in the left pane to reorder them if needed. Then hit the Merge button above the list to get more options before you join them all together into one. For example, you can enable “Check compatibility” to check file compatibility. You can also choose to preserve original metadata if want. You can choose output video format/codec, set output file name, etc. Finally hit the Merge button to export all video clips and save them as one video file to your Mac. As we mentioned above, make sure to play the output video with your video player to ensure it can be played back properly.

If you encounter any problem with LosslessCut or the video merging, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.

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