Merge Voice Recorder files in Windows 10

quotation markIs it possible to play back what I’ve recorded so far in Voice Recorder for Windows 10 and then continue on from where I left off?

Although you can use the Voice Recorder app in Windows 10 to record audio up to any length as long as there is free space on the hard disk drive. When you record something important and lengthy, you may want to know how is the quality of the recording by recording a short part first. For example, when you record audio in a lecture, concert, speech, meeting, you may want to record a small portion first as you need to make sure the sound quality is good before you finish recording the rest. Unfortunately this feature is not available in the current version of the Voice Recorder app. For now you can only pause the recording, and resume the recording later. You can not pause the recording, play back the recorded part, then resume the recording. An alternative method is to save the recording file first, play it back in the Voice Recorder, then go to finish recording another file(s), finally merge or combine the two or more recordings using a third-party audio editor. In this guide, we will be using Video Converter Ultimate, which is actually a good media player, converter, streamer and downloader, to join voice recordings recorded using the Sound Recorder in Windows 10.

How to combine voice recordings in Windows 10?

Firstly you need to find out where the files are saved on your computer hard drive. Then add them to the media converter. Choose an output format and finally merge and convert the audio files into one. Check out details below.

Step 1. Where are sound recordings in Windows 10?

Two easy ways to find voice recordings location on Windows 10 PC. Check out this C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Sound recordings location, which is the default location of Voice Recorder app, see if your voice recordings are save there or not. If you have changed the sound recording location in Windows 10, you may also open the file location from within the Voice Recorder app. Check out more details from this guide to find sound recordings in Windows 10. Now you have found all the recording files on your PC. You can see they are all .m4a files if you have enabled the display of file extension in Windows 10.

Optionally you can create a new folder on your hard drive and copy the recording files that you want to merge from their default location or folder to the new folder.

Step 2. Add voice recordings to the media converter

Download the free trial version of the media converter on to your PC below.

Install and launch this program on your PC. Drag and drop the sound recordings from their folder in File Explorer to the media converter software. Alternatively you can click the Add Files button in the media editor tool, then choose the folder and add sound recording files to the media editor.

combine two or more voice recordings in Windows 10

Step 3. Edit voice recording settings

After that you can click to play the voice recordings to make sure you have added the right recording files. You can drag and drop recording files up or down to re-arrange the order of files. Optionally you can also click the Edit button to trim audio files. After that go to the right column and select an output audio format. By default the Voice Recorder app on Windows 10 PC will create M4A files. If you like to change the file type of audio recordings, here is the chance. You can select Format >> Audio, then choose MP3, M4A, AC3, AAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE, MKA, AU, AIFF, FLAC, M4B, M4R. When you do not want to alter the file types of voice recordings in Windows 10, you can simply choose M4A, the same as the original file type of recordings, from the output format section.

Step 4. Enable audio merge option

There is an important option you need to turn on in order to combine two or more voice recordings in Windows 10. At the bottom right section of this media editor program, click to enable ‘Merge all videos/audios into one file‘.

Step 5. Merge voice recordings into one

Click the Convert button to join multiple voice recordings together into one audio file. Once the conversion is complete. You will get a prompt to open the Output folder where the merged audio files are saved. You can also click the Open Folder button at the bottom of this media tool to find them.

Merge voice recordings from mobile devices

Not only the voice recordings on PC can be merged following above instructions, but also your recordings on mobile phones. For example, you can refer to following article about merging multiple iPhone voice recordings on computer after exporting them from phone to PC. Similarly, this tutorial works with Samsung galaxy phones, check out the steps to merge Samsung phone’s sound recordings.