Mirror Android phone to PC and Mac computers for free

Want to cast screen from Android to PC or Mac computer? If you do a search on Google or Bing, you will find a lot of options to mirror phone screen to computer. Some of them can only mirror Android phone on PC, some only support Mac. Most of these are premium screen mirroring solutions.Total Control and AirDroid are two of the best free Android phone screen mirroring tools. Both of them provide a free version you can download and use without any fee. We have introduced Total control in several articles before. For example, you can refer to this guide to mirror Android phone screen on PC, following steps to cast screen from LG phone to PC.

This Android mirror solution does not even require users to sign up an free account using an email address. However it currently does not come with a Mac version. You are out of luck, if you are using a Mac. Today, we will introduce you the AirDroid which can mirror your Android to your PC or Mac easily, wirelessly and best of all, it is totally free.

Mirror Android to PC and Mac computers via Wi-Fi

Get AirDroid here. You can only download its mobile version on to your Android, the desktop version for Windows or Mac is optional. On your PC or Mac, you can use a web browser without the desktop client installed.

Run AirDroid on your Android mobile, sign up a free account using your email address. But you can skip this if you will mirror Android phones to computer in the same network. You have to sign up an account for remote mirroring and control. Switch to the Transfer tab at the bottom. Choose My devices >> AirDroid Web, you will then get two addresses to access your Android phone from computer.

airdroid web access addresses on android mobile phone

The AirDroid Web address helps users access their Android devices remotely via a web browser; AirDroid Web Lite allows you to access Android mobile directly via its local IP address in the same local Wi-Fi network.

Access the above web address from your desktop browser on Windows PC or Mac, you will see the connection request on Android phone, tap on Accept to allow your PC or Mac to access the mobile phone. After that, click Screenshot in the AirDroid web interface on computer, you will get another prompt on the phone which you need to confirm and allow the screen mirroring and capturing. You will then find your phone’s screen is displayed on computer at the same time.

Mirror Android phone screen to iPhone

In fact, the above Android phone screen to PC/Mac mirroring solution can also help us cast screen from android to iPhone. On the iPhone, you can launch the Safari browser to access Android phone wireless mirroring address, tap Screenshot in the web interface, then confirm to accept the connection and mirroring.