Mirror Android Screen on PC Wirelessly

There are numerous ways you can mirror content or screen from mobile phone to your computer or TV. We have this issue covered in several articles before. For instance, you can refer to this tutorial to mirror Lenovo phone to computer, and following steps to cast screen from Xiaomi to PC.

Many of these Android screen mirroring solutions require users to insert wires to computer. If you prefer a wireless screen or display mirroring solution from Android to computer, you are at the right place. There are mainly two ways to mirror Android display to a PC, via USB or Wi-Fi. AirDroid phone mirror is one of the best free, wireless and fast screen mirroring solutions. You can get this Android mirror tool from previous link. Install the mirror app on your mobile and its desktop version on Windows computer. Then follow below instructions to cast Android screen on a laptop or desktop computer.

Step 1. connect Android phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi

We are going to cast screen from Android to computer over Wi-Fi, thus make sure to connect both of them to the same Wi-fi network.

Step 2. Mirror Android phone screen on PC wirelessly

Run the mirror app on your mobile phone, its Transfer tab opens by default, see below screenshot.

airdroid transfer android phone

If you see the sign up prompt, you can skip this step to use it with limited feature for completely free. Touch on AirDroid Web to get the connection IP address.

airdroid web access addresses on android mobile phone

Run your web browser at choice on computer and access the above IP address with port number attached. A connection request will pop up on the phone. Then tap Accept button on your mobile phone to initiate the wireless connection through Wi-fi. To mirror screen from Android to computer, tap Screenshot in the AirDroid web interface on your PC or Mac, then confirm the screen casting on your smartphone to start the screen mirroring.

mirror android phone screen to mac using airdroid

Android phone screen presentation and mirror alternatives

Like we mentioned above, there are just numerous ways and tool for phone screen mirroring and presentation. You can find more tools from this Android to computer screen mirroring guide or these Samsung phone screen presentation solutions.

Update Aug 2018: this article was originally published in Aug 2017 and has since been updated. in this update, we replaced the old mobile phone screen mirror app with the above free, wireless mobile phone screen mirroring solution.