Mirror iOS and Android devices to computer via hotspot

rMirror makes use of your local Wi-Fi network to cast screen from iOS and Android devices to Windows and Mac computers and the other way around. See the different ways to cast screen from iPhone to PC and this tutorial to mirror Android screen to computer over Wi-Fi Sometimes however we may need to mirror screen from phone to computer when there is no Wi-Fi network. Is it possible?

android phone mirror with pc  via wifi - apower phone mirror
android phone mirror with pc via wifi – apower phone mirror

Mirror phone screen to computer without Wi-Fi

The latest version of ApowerMirror allows you to mirror your phone to PC via Hotspot when there is no Wi-fi. You can use the hotspot from your mobile phone or computer.

Method 1. Mirror screen via hotpot on PC

Run Apower Phone Mirror program on your Windows computer and go to Settings > General settings and open WiFi hotspot.The mirror software will create the hotspot network on your PC and provide you with the network name and password. You can then use the password to connect your Android phone or iPhone to the PC via hotspot, and start mirroring screen from phone to computer or the other way around.

windows 10 ad hoc wifi hotspot

Method 2. Mirror screen via hotpot on mobile phone

If the phone mirror software failed to setup hotspot on your computer, you can also choose to enable the hotspot on your phone. Then connect your computer to the mobile hotspot on your phone. Finally start screen mirroring just like how you connect device and mirror screen with Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi hotspot on Android Mobiles

Here are some step-by-step guides to turn on Hotspot on Android phones:

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