Mirror iPhone iPad to Mac wirelessly

Want to display iPhone screen on Mac? If you can cast iPhone to Macbook, everything on your iPhone will be shown on much bigger screen. It is great for movies, books, and video games. iPhone screen mirroring to Mac can also help you focus on what you are doing on the computer, avoid getting distracted by your phone. So how can we mirror iPhone to Mac? You may have already heard of AirPlay which helps iPhone iPad users screencast iPhone iPad to TV. In fact, you can install a AirPlay receiver or server program on your Macbook to receive AirPlay from your iOS device and thus show your iPhone or iPad screen on Mac. In this guide, we will use X-mirage AirPlayer server on a Macbook Pro to show you how to achieve that. You can go to get the AirPlayer receiver from previous linked article before we get started.

How to mirror iPhone iPad to Mac wirelessly?

Before you can mirror iPhone or iPad to Macbook Pro, you need to get both your iOS device and computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Run this AirPlay server on your Mac, you will see its home screen like this.

xmirage for mac home screen

On your iPhone or iPad, you do not need to download or install any apps. Just swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center and choose Screen Mirroring. Your Mac should be found in the device list. Tap on it to connect and start mirroring iPhone or iPad to your Mac computer.

mirror iphone to macbook pro via xmirage

Once you mirrored iPhone to Macbook Pro over Wi-Fi, you will see your iPhone screen on Mac. See below screenshot.

screen mirroring from iphone to macbook pro wirelessly using xmirage

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