Mirror Lenovo mobile phone screen to your computer

There are various reasons you may want to cast screen from a mobile phone to PC or Mac display. For example, you may need to perform a demo however it is not possible with the small screen of your phone; you may like to watch movies saved on your phone with the big PC screen; you may like to play mobile games using the big computer display. In this guide, we will show you how easily you can mirror Lenovo mobile phone’s screen onto your desktop or laptop. Note that, you do NOT need to root your phone in order to mirror the phone screen to computer. Below instructions and tools also apply to other Android powered smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy phones, LG phones, HTC phones, Google Nexus, Motorola, and more. And this Lenovo phone screen mirroring step by step guide is made for dummies. Anyone can easily cast screen from their Lenovo phone to a PC easily with little tech knowledge and less effort.

Step 1. Download screen mirror app on Lenovo phone

You can download this screen mirror on to your Android and install it. It comes with desktop versions as well. However the desktop version for Windows or Mac is optional. On your PC or Mac, you can use a web browser without the desktop client installed.

Step 2. Connect Lenovo phone and computer to the same Wi-fi

Run AirDroid app on your Lenovo phone, it will ask you to sign up using an email address, but you can skip this if you will only use it to mirror Lenovo phone to PC/Mac in the same local network. Remote screen mirroring and device control are also supported. But you will need to sign up an account first. You can sign up the free account from its mobile version or desktop version.

airdroid transfer android phone

Step 3. Cast Lenovo phone screen to PC

In AirDroid on mobile, switch to the Transfer tab at the bottom. Choose My devices >> AirDroid Web, you will then get two addresses to access your Lenovo phone from computer.
airdroid web access addresses on android mobile phone

If you are using Lenovo phone and computer in the same network, open your desktop browser on PC or Mac, then access the AirDroid Web Lite address. After that you will see a pop up on your Lenovo mobile phone, tap “Accept” button to allow your computer access your mobile phone. The phone control and manage web interface opens in the web browser on your computer. From there, find and click Screenshot icon. Again you will see a pop up on your Android device. Tap to confirm the screen mirroring and capturing, your Android phone screen will then be displayed on your computer at the same time.
mirror android phone screen to mac using airdroid

Android phone screen mirroring alternatives

There are numerous mirror apps or software tools you can choose. Except the above mentioned Android phone mirror software, you can also follow this guide to mirror Android phone to PC using a PC to control phone software, or this tutorial to mirror Android phone to PC over Wi-Fi using a professional phone to PC mirror software which support both USB connection and Wi-Fi connection.

Bonus tips about the Android phone screen mirror

  • Any actions performed on the phone will be displayed on your computer screen in real-time.
  • You can also use your mouse to perform actions on the connected mobile phone without touching the phone screen using your fingers. You can use mouse on your computer to play movies on Lenovo phone, play music on the phone, browse your photo albums, send and receive text messages on your PC, etc.
  • Using computer keyboard to type on mobile phone. Your computer’s keyboard now becomes the remote keyboard of your Android phone. This means you can type faster on the phone, compose emails faster, send text messages faster, etc.
  • Display mobile phone screen on PC in full screen mode. Click the Full Screen button at the bottom right corner, your phone screen will be expanded to fill up the whole screen of your computer display.
  • This Lenovo phone screen to PC mirror tool can also recognize screen rotations. This means you can put the phone in the landscape mode and get better mirroring experience on computer when you are watching mobile phone movies on computer, playing mobile games on computer, etc.
  • This is not just a screen mirror software for Android phone users. We have mentioned some of its cool additional features above and we are not able to introduce all of them in this article. You should download the free version on to your computer and explore more features by yourself.

Update Aug 2018: this article was originally published in Oct 2016 and has since been updated. In this update, we replaced the out-dated Android phone screen mirroring and recording software with AirDroid.

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