Mirror LG phone screen to PC using Total Control

We can see the ability to cast screen from Samsung, LG, iPhone and other high-end smartphones to a smart TV via Airplay, DLNA or UPnP. Is it possible to mirror your Android phone on your PC? Total Control allows you to mirror your entire phone on your PC so you can view everything on your mobile phone screen from your computer. And this app takes it a step further by letting you control your Android phone from PC. In this article, we’ll discuss screen mirroring for LG and how you can cast your LG phone screen on to your PC.

Mirror LG phone screen to PC

You can get this free wireless Android phone screen mirroring app from this page. In order to use it to cast screen from LG phone to a Windows computer, you need to download its mobile version on LG phone and PC client on your desktop or laptop computer.

You can choose to mirror your phone screen via USB or WiFi. If you choose the wireless screen mirroring method, all your devices must be on the same network to function properly. So make sure both LG mobile and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Run the screen mirror app on LG phone, switch from USB to Wi-Fi tab in its home screen. You’ll get an IP address on your LG phone screen. Now run the PC client on computer, enter the IP address of your LG phone to connect and mirror your LG phone to PC screen wirelessly through Wi-Fi.

connect android phone to pc through wifi using total control

LG phone screen mirroring extra tips