Mirror Mac screen to mobile phone using Apower Phone Mirror

Occasionally we might need to cast screen from our mobile phone to computer display or vice versa. For example, many game players like to play their favorite mobile games on big screen. There are many software tools can do that. Some can help us mirror our mobile device to computer, some can cast screen from computer to mobile, some mirror apps even support them both. Apower Phone Mirror is such a phone mirror solution that can mirror screen from mobile phone to computer or the other way around.

In this quick guide, we will show you how to easily mirror your Mac screen to a mobile phone and control your Mac from Android, iPhone, or iPad. Refer to following page if you want to mirror Android phone screen to computer through Wi-Fi.

Turn on screen sharing on Mac

In order to let others connect to your Mac to share screen and control your computer, you must go to enable screen sharing on Mac first. It is a built-in feature in Mac OS. No third-party software required. Make sure to enable ‘VNC viewers may control screen with password‘ when you turn on screen sharing on Mac.

Steps to Mirror Mac screen to mobile phone

Get the phone mirror software onto both your mobile phone and computer from the linked page in the first paragraph above. Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Run the phone mirror on both of them. On your mobile phone, tap the Mirror icon at the bottom of the phone mirror app, it will then search for all devices with the phone mirror app installed.

android phone mirror apower
android phone mirror apower

Tap your computer from the Mirror screen, you will then prompt you to either mirror phone screen to computer or mirror computer screen to mobile phone.

android phone and pc mirroring modes - apower phone mirror
mobile phone and computer mirroring modes

Choose Computer Screen Mirroring from above screen, you will then be required to input the Mac screen sharing password. After the authentication, you will see your Mac screen on your mobile phone. Log in your Mac using an existing account to start the remote control of your Mac using your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

share Mac screen to android mobile phone - Apower phone mirror
share Mac screen to android mobile phone

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