Mirror Samsung phone on TV using screen mirroring

Mirroring your phone screen to TV big screen can be fun and useful when you want to give a presentation, watch movies on bigger screen, play games, and so on. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, dig through the Settings, you will find a ‘Screen mirroring’ option which can help you achieve that.

samsung phone settings screen mirroring

Steps to mirror Samsung phone on TV using screen mirroring

First of all connect both Samsung phone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

Secondly go to prepare your TV for screen mirroring. If it is also a Samsung smart TV, press the Source button on the remote control, find and select Screen Mirroring, your TV displays a screen informing you that it is waiting for a device to be connected. If you do not connect the phone to TV, the session will time out and you will need to enable screen mirroring on TV again.

Thirdly go to your Samsung phone Settings >> Screen Mirroring, turn it on and you will see the Available Devices section where your TV is listed. Tap to connect your phone to TV. The TV should allow the connection from mobile phone automatically.

enable screen mirroring and connect device on samsung phone

Mirror Samsung phone to non-Samsung TV

Screen casting or mirroring does not work with just Samsung TVs. You can also connect Samsung smartphone or tablet to a non-Samsung TV, such as LG TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV, Sharp TV, Philips TV, Hisense TV, TCL TV, Skyworth TV, and many more. On some TVs, the screen mirroring may have different names, such as wireless display, wireless mirror, screen casting or else. Wireless mirroring doesn’t work with just any TVs. Some old TV models may not support it.

Just another way to enable screen mirroring on Samsung TV

In order to find your TV from the Screen mirroring on Samsung phone, you need to turn on screen mirroring option on TV in advance. We have showed you how to prepare a Samsung TV for screen mirroring above. Here is another way you can enable screen mirroring on Samsung TV sets. Select Menu on your TV remote, choose Network >> Screen Mirroring, press the select or confirm button on the remote control to turn it on.

Phone and TV Wired mirroring

If your Samsung phone does not support screen mirroring, you may try a third party mirroring or casting app on the phone to enable your phone to connect to TV. If your TV does not support screen mirroring or wireless mirroring, you can also use a HDMI cable to connect up phone to TV. A wired connection or connector is only necessary for old phone models, or TV sets.

Mirror Samsung phone to computer

With screen mirroring, you can mirror your phone’s screen on your TV. But what if you have a Windows PC? Check out this guide to mirror Android phone to PC.

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