Mirror screen from Android to Mac using AirDroid

There are times when you need to show content on your mobile phone to computer screen to engage your audience. Mac has the free QuickTime Player with the built-in support to mirror iPhone screen to Mac without any third-party software. You are out of luck if you own a Android device. QuickTime Player can’t mirror Android phone to Mac. You will have to use a third-party screen mirror or casting software. AirDroid is one of the best free and wireless Android screen mirroring solutions. With AirDroid you can wirelessly beam your Android phone’s display to your computer and from there to your projector or HDTV.

Unlike other screen-mirroring solutions that require a screen mirroring software installed on the PC or Mac end, AirDroid allows users to use your web browser at choice as the screen mirroring receiver on computer. See how to screen mirror Android phone to Mac below.

Cast screen from Android to Mac over Wi-Fi using AirDroid

Download the free screen mirror tool on to your mobile phone from this link. Run AirDroid on your Android mobile. It will ask you to sign up an free account. You can skip this step. At the bottom of this free app, you can see three tabs: Transfer, Tools and Me. Switch to Transfer tab if not yet.

airdroid transfer android phone

Choose AirDroid Web. After that you will get the local IP address through which you can access your Android phone from PC or Mac computers. Note that your Android phone and computer need to be on the same local network. If your phone or computer is connected to a different Wi-fi network, the connection will fail.

airdroid web access addresses on android mobile phone

Now on your Mac, open Safari web browser or any other browser you prefer. Access the above IP address given in AirDroid on mobile phone. A connection request on Android phone pops up. Accept the connection on mobile phone.

mirror android phone screen to mac using airdroid

Now you should see the AirDroid web interface in Safari browser on Mac. Click Screenshot. This time you will get another permission request on Android phone, saying AirDroid will start capturing everything that’s displayed on your Android phone screen. Tap Start Now button on cell phone to start the screen mirroring to Mac. On your Mac end, you can click the full screen button to display your Android phone’s screen in full screen on Mac.

This screen mirroring app works with all major Android powered smartphones, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, Nexus, Xiaomi, etc. Also check out this guide to mirror Lenovo phone screen to computer, just as an example.

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