Can I mute speakers while recording audio or video?

music iconCan I mute speakers while recording the audio or video on my computer? This seems to be a common issue when you use streaming audio recorder or streaming video recorder to record streaming audios or videos from websites on PC or Mac. For many streaming media recorders, the recording volume depends on the speaker volume, if you lower or mute the speakers the recording level goes down or off accordingly. In order to be sure the volume of audio recording or video recording is loud enough, the speakers need to be turned way up. It is fine to if it is very short recording and no one else in the same room. However this can be a big issue when it is a rather long recording or there are other people around.

Can I mute speakers while recording audio or video?

Generally speaking, switching off the speakers should not prevent a video recorder or audio recorder app to record the audio from within the PC or Mac computer. The recording of sound from computer sound card and microphone can be separated. Check out this guide to record screen videos on PC or this tutorial to record streaming music.

Some video recorder or audio recorder however may not have the settings or features to allow you record stream audio or video with the sound off or speaker muted. They may not be able to capture the sound or audio from computer sound card. Instead they only record audio that comes out of the computer speakers through microphone sound input. If you are using a Windows PC, you can refer to this guide see how to record sound on Windows 10. If you have this trouble, there is a quick fix or workaround, you can just plug in an earphone or headphone in to the computer. Sound stupid? Yes, maybe. But this quick way can hep you record streaming audios without anyone can hear it outside, it does not disturb people nearby or yourself. You can leave the room for peace and quite if you don’t want to listen to the stream while recording it. Many users like to record a video with audio and not have to hear the recording until they play it back so they can make use of the time to do something else.

Downloading other than recording audio or video

Can I mute the speaker on PC or Mac while recording audio or video without any headphone, headsets or earphone? Another way is to download the streaming audios or videos to your computer using a media downloader. You can refer to this guide to download online videos to computer for free. A lot of videos and audios from various sources, such as Vimeo, Youtube can be downloaded other than recorded. It is not only faster, but the video or audio quality turns out to be better as you will simply get another exact copy of the source audio or video.

Update Jan 2018: this guide was originally published in 2015 and has since been updated. In this update, we added two new methods to record PC screen videos and record streaming audios.