How to mute video using Windows Movie Maker?

Generally speaking videos comes with audio tracks so you can not only see the moving images but also hear the sound at the same time. When you record a video using the camera on your computer, mobile phone, digital camera, the recorded videos will always have audio tracks built-in. Sometimes however you may not want the audios in the video. For example, when you insert a video into your presentation, when you want to create a video with special artistic effects, when you want to get rid of the original sound track, you may want to mute the video. For Windows PC users, you can use the Movie Maker to achieve this. If you are using a Mac or the Windows Movie Maker does not work for you, you can also follow this tutorial to make silent videos without sound on your PC/Mac.

How to mute video using Windows Movie Maker?

We will use the Microsoft Movie Maker on a Windows 10 PC. You should find this software in almost all Windows system as a system software. Start Movie Maker on your computer. Click “Add Videos and Photos” button to open the file selection window. Locate the source video file, and open it in the video editor tool. Click the “Edit” tab at the top of the Windows Movie Maker screen. Then click “Video Volume” button, a speaker icon you can find at the left side. You will then see the volume slider. Click the slider and drag it to the left until you can’t drag it any further to the left. This will reduce video volume and finally remove sound from the video completely.

mute audio video in windows movie maker

Go to the video preview window to play the video and verify the video is mute. After that go to open the File menu, select Save movie and follow on-screen tips to export the video as a new mute video clip without any sound or audio track.

Mute part of a video

If you need only to remove the sound track from part of a video in Windows Movie Maker, you can split the video and mute. Firstly move the playhead over the video thumbnail at the right sidebar to the start point, right click and choose Split; then move the playhead to the end point and split; now select the video part in the right sidebar and follow steps as mentioned above to delete audio from the selected video section using Windows Movie Maker.

More Movie Maker video editing guides

In an earlier guide, we have also showed how you can rotate iPhone videos using Movie Maker. The Windows Movie Maker offers many other useful features you may like. For example, you can use it to rotate videos, trim videos, add animations, add visual effects, etc.

Update Dec 2018: this article was originally published in Jun 2016 and has since been updated. the method to split video and mute part of the whole video was added in this update.

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