Mute videos with Filmora Video Editor

Video is moving pictures usually with sound. When you record a video using video recorders, camcorders, cameras, mobile phones, the background sound would usually be recorded at the same time. Sometimes however we may not like the sound in videos and movies, such as a product demo video. Give it a second thought, your video may be more powerful when muted. To do that, you will need a video editor software to split the video or audio files. Filmora is such a video editor program for both Windows and Mac users. In earlier related guides, we demonstrated how you can use it to make black and white videos or convert still photography images into slideshow videos with music.

It can help us turn audios and images into videos. Likewise, it can split audio track from videos to get videos with muted audio. Want to make silent video with no sound? Check out the easy steps as following.

How to mute videos or make silent video with no sound?

Firstly download the video editor on to your PC or Mac below and install it.

Run the video editor program, you will be prompted to choose between the easy and full feature modes. Choose the later option. Then go to import the video or movie clip into the Media library of the video editor app. Drag it to the timeline at the lower section.

mute videos using filmora for pc

Right click the video in the timeline, a pop-up dialogue shows up. Choose Mute from the list. After that click Export button, then select output format and export. The video editor will remove the audio track from source video and save it as a new silent video on your computer. You can find the generated muted video from the output folder of this video editor.