Turn your Netgear router into a DNLA/UPnP media server

Wan to set up a home media server you can access from any device you own, computers, TV, mobile phones, tablets? Do I need a PC or server to set up a media server in my local network? In fact, smart modem or routers may already support the media server feature. Today, we will show you the easy steps to configure a Netgear wireless router and setup a DNLA/UPnP media server in your local network. Note that not all NETGEAR routers can act as a ReadyDLNA media server. Double check your wireless router see if any USB port available. You also need a USB storage device, such as a Flash drive, external hard drive. These wireless router can only operate as a DLNA server once a USB drive or portable hard drive is attached to them. Generally speaking, the routers can’t be used to store your media files.

If your Netgear WiFi router has a USB port, plug a Flash drive or external hard drive into your wireless router that has all the media you want to stream on it. Alternative you can also insert a bland USB drive to the USB router and upload files from computers or other devices to it to share cross the network.

Access the Netgear router using one of the below addresses:

  • http://www.routerlogin.net

Your router may automatically change its IP address to avoid conflict in the local network. You will then be prompted to enter a username and password to login Netgear router configuration interface.admin and password are the default username and password unless you have changed it by yourself.

Configure home media server

Once the Netgear genie interface opens in your browser, navigate to the Advanced settings tab. Choose USB Storage > Media Server. You will see the Enable Media Server options is enabled by default. Check the Enable Media Server box to enable the Media server if it is disabled. The content automatic scan option is also activated by default so new media files added to the USB drive can be detected automatically. Give your DNLA/UPnP media server a new name here if like. Hit the Apply button if you decided to make any change.

netgear router media server settings
netgear router media server settings

Access, Stream media files in your network

You don’t have to install any media player app on your Windows PC or Mac in order to access and play media files saved on the media server. See how you can share files in local network using Netgear router.

On your smartphones however you may need to install appropriate apps, media browser, media player, to access shared pictures, music, videos and movies on the DNLA/UPnP media server. VLC, nPlayer, PlayerXtreme, are just some of these media players for iPhone you can choose.

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