An Online SRT Subtitle Resync Tool SubShifter

If you come across subtitle out of synchronization issue, SubShifter can be very helpful. It is a free online subtitle recync tool. You can use it to shift all the time stamps of a movie subtitle quickly when there is a slight offset between the subtitles and movie. If you found the subtitles are late or ahead of the movie, you do not need to manually change all the time stamps in the subtitle file, upload your subtitle file to this online subtitle resync website and download the time shifted version of the subtitle file to your computer. It is very easy to use and takes only a few seconds. Following are the details.

How to edit all time stamps in SRT subtitle file quickly?

Step 1. Visit SubShifter website from this link.

SubShifter - Online SRT Subtitle Resync Tool

Step 2. Click the “Browse…” button to find and upload the original subtitles file from your computer to the website.

Step 3. Enter the desired time shift in the “Time shift” field. Play the movie and watch the video and the subs carefully, and see whether the subs are lagging behind or running ahead of the movie. Once you’ve figured out or calculated the time offset, it’s time to sync it with the video.

  • If the subtitles are late, use a negative time shift, such as -2, -3.2, -4.
  • If the subtitles are ahead of the movie, use a positive time shift, such as 1, 2, 2.5, 3.6.

Press the “Resync!” button, and wait. A download prompt will show up a couple of seconds later. Select where you want to save it and download the edited version of the subtitle file to your computer.

Now you can follow these steps to add subtitles to movies using Video Converter Ultimate. You can also load external subtitles in movies using VLC media player. The former helps you permanently add subtitles to a movie or video, the latter is to temporarily display subtitles when the movie is open in this particular media player.