Open Youtube videos in Safari on iPhone iPad

Normally Youtube video links will open and play using the YouTube app for iOS if you have already installed this app. This is a nice feature under most circumstances, as Youtube app can bring you better video playback experience than the Safari browser. However this could be annoying sometimes. For example, you may want to bookmark a Youtube video in Safari. If you can’t open the Youtube video in Safari, you can’t add it to your Bookmarks as you could with other links or website links. How to open Youtube in Safari browser for iOS other than Youtube app?

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Open Youtube videos in Safari on iPhone iPad

1. Long press the link in your Safari browser until you see a pop-up dialogue asking you how would you like to handle with the selected link.

2. Tap “copy” to copy the Youtube video URL.

3. Open a new tab in Safari for mobile.

4. Paste the Youtube video link into the address bar of your Safari browser on iPad or iPhone.

5. Replace “www” with “m”,then tap on “Go” on the virtual keyboard to access the Youtube video.

For example, if you are going to open this Youtube video (, then you should open a link like this:

Force to Open Youtube videos in Safari on iPhone iPad

If the video opens in YouTube app for iOS automatically, or if you are watching videos in YouTube app for iPhone, you should find the Share button on the top right corner of the Youtube video watch or play page.

watch youtube videos in youtube app on iphone

Tap on the Share button, you will bring up a video share options menu from which you can find various Youtube video share options such as Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Message, Copy Link. See below screenshot.
share youtube videos from youtube app on iphone
Select Copy Link, then open your Safari browser for mobile, and paste the copied YouTube video link in Safari address bar, replace the “www” with “m” if any, or simply add “m.” in the beginning of the Youtube URL link and start watching Youtube video on Safari other than Youtube app on iPhone.

Want to share your videos on YouTube? Check out this guide and see how to convert any videos to YouTube optimized formats. If your mobile phone videos do not play well on Youtube, you an refer to this tutorial to optimize videos for playback on YouTube.

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  1. Ya these methods don’t work. Ever since the last update no matter how you view YouTube in safari it will always open the app if it’s installed. When you want to view videos in Safari on YouTube just delete the app. It’s a small app to redownload and will save your login so you won’t have to keep logging in after deleting it.

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