Pair HTC mobile phone with PC via Bluetooth

quotation markRecently downloaded a very useful phone lock app from a third party app store on my PC and want to transfer it to my HTC One smartphone since this app is not available on the HTC App Market. I transferred the download APK file between phone and computer using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is a fast and easy way for short range wireless data exchange. We have several articles before talking about how smartphone users can make use of Bluetooth technology to share files and documents between their phones, phones and computers, etc. See following article about photo, video, music transfer between Samsung phone and PC via Bluetooth, and this tutorial to share photos, videos between Xiaomi phone and computer through Bluetooth. It is rare to find a smartphone without Bluetooth enabled nowadays. In this quick guide, we will discuss how you can connect HTC mobile phone to PC via Bluetooth so you can freely transfer files between them without any cable, router or internet.

Connect HTC phone to PC via Bluetooth

We will use an HTC One device which is running on Android 6.0 in this demo. HTC One lets you send and receive various files through Bluetooth, including photos, videos, music tracks, contact info, calendar events, and documents such as PDFs. The steps and screenshots may differ on different phone models, however the basic process should apply.

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth on HTC mobile

There are two ways you can enable Bluetooth on an HTC Android phone. Swipe down from the status bar with two fingers to open Quick Settings on HTC phone. If you swipe down with only one finger, you will pull down the Notification panel. Tap the Bluetooth icon to turn on Bluetooth, then touch the Bluetooth … to open the Bluetooth screen on HTC phone.

turn on bluetooth from quick settings on htc android mobile phone

Here you can see various settings and options to manage Bluetooth on the phone, including the Bluetooth ON/OFF switch, scan for Bluetooth devices, pair devices, available Bluetooth device list, show received files and so on.

htc mobile phone pair devices via bluetooth

Another way to activate Bluetooth on HTC or any other Android powered device is to head to the Settings app, then touch the ON/OFF toggle to turn on or off Bluetooth. See below figure.

turn on bluetooth from settings on htc mobile phone.png

Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth on PC

On your Windows computer, you also need to enable Bluetooth. If you are using Windows 10, click the Windows icon to open the Start menu, click the Settings icon to open Windows Settings, choose Devices (Bluetooth, printers, mouse), see below screenshot.

windows 10 devices settings

Click Bluetooth from the Devices list, you can then click the On/OFF switch to enable or disable Bluetooth in Windows 10.

windows 10 bluetooth settings manage bluetooth devices

Steps 3. Pair HTC phone with PC via Bluetooth

After you have activated Bluetooth on both phone and computer, you should find your computer from the phone and find your phone from the computer. If you don’t see your PC under the Available devices or Pair devices on your HTC phone, simply tap the Scan or scan for devices button on the phone.

You can initiate the Bluetooth pair from either your mobile phone or PC. Different methods, the same effect. In this demo, we will start the Bluetooth connection from the phone. Tap the PC name under the Available Devices on HTC Bluetooth screen, a ‘Bluetooth pair request‘ will be sent to the PC with a passkey. You should see the Bluetooth pair request at the right bottom section on the computer, or find it in the Notification center on the computer. Click on this notification, you will see the passkey. Make sure it is the same as the one on your HTC phone, then accept the Bluetooth connection, and you are done.

htc mobile phone to pair pc - bluetooth pairing request

Now you can go to send photos, videos, music songs, contact info or name cards, calendar events, PDFs and more documents from phone to computer or the other way around through Bluetooth. Remember to turn off Bluetooth when not in use to save battery power, or in places where a wireless device is not allowed.

Share data and files between HTC phone and computer via Bluetooth

Once your phone and computer is connected via Bluetooth, you can exchange files between them easily. No internet connection or USB cable required. Check out this guide to share photos, videos, music between HTC and PC via Bluetooth.