Password Protect Data on Flash Drive

Are you a person who would carry a portable device with important data saved on it on the go? Many people will do this for the convenience. With a Flash drive, USB drive, portable hard drive or other similar portable storage, you can access your files and documents anywhere on the go, such as the airport, train, cafe, hotel, etc. These portable devices are usually not very expensive. Our data saved on them is usually much expensive than the Flash drive, USB drive or even portable hard drive. The data is what we really can’t afford to lose. Imagine that your Flash drive may contain sensitive information, such as bank account statements, credit card numbers, your business plans, business contracts. There are mainly two methods you can protect data saved on a flash drive. You can either buy a special flash drive which is encrypted or use an encryption software to encrypt data saved on the flash drive. In this article, we will the later option, protecting data saved on Flash drive, USB drive or portable hard drive with a password. You will need a flash drive lock software to do that. We recommend Folder Lock for this job. This data security software can lock files, folders, drives and so on. In this demo, we will be using a Kingston Flash Drive. However it is almost the same if you want to lock data on other portable storage devices.

How to Lock and Protect Data on Flash Drive with Password?

It is very important that you keep sensitive and private data protected from loss and theft. In a related guide, we have showed you how to hide and lock files, folders on Windows computer. If you want to protect files and documents on a portable storage and keep your private data safe even when the flash drive is stolen, misplaced or lost, check out below instructions.

Now download the USB drive lock software free trial version on to your Windows PC before we use it to lock files on Flash drive below.

The whole process can be separated into two parts: 1) make a locker in Flash drive; 2) add files and documents to the locker in Flash drive.

Part 1. Make a locker in Flash drive

Run the Folder Lock software on PC, click “Protect USB/CD” from the left panel, select “Protect USB Drive“, see below screenshot.

protect data on usb cd dvd using folder lock

You will then find two options: 1) Make my existing Locker portable; 2) Create a new portable Locker in my USB Drive. The former mode allows you to copy an existing Locker from the Folder Lock software to the connected USB drive or Flash drive. The latter can help you create a new portable locker from the scratch.

create portable locker in usb drive option

We will show you how to create a new portable Lock in Flash drive from the scratch in this article. Here are the steps to create a new portable Locker to protects your sensitive data against theft, accidental loss, and data leak:

  • Step 1. Input portable locker name;
  • Step 2. Select USB Drive;
  • Step 3. Set password to protect locker on USB drive;
  • Step 4. Confirm portable locker password.

create portable locker usb drive

After that, you will be prompted to choose how much data you want to protect. For locker file size less than 4G, the locker will be converted to an executable EXE file. For locker file size larger than 4G, the locker will be copied to USB drive along with a separate executable file. You can click to expand the drop-down menu so you can quickly choose the data size range.

choose portable locker size

Proceed to next step, the data locker will then create the locker on Flash drive.

portable locker creation finished

Part 2. Add files and data to locker in Flash drive

In the first half of this tutorial, we have demonstrated how you can set up locker in Flash drive. You can now go to open your Flash drive in Windows file explorer and open this locker.

open portable locker in flash drive with password

You will be required to open portable locker in flash drive with its password. Enter the password which you have already set to protect your locker. Then you can choose to open the locker as a hard drive on your computer. Once you opened the locker in Flash drive, you will find the locker opens as a separate drive on your computer. See below screenshot.

access locker windows file explorer

In this demo, we created a locker in Flash drive which is as displayed as Kingston (Drive E) above. The locker file which is stored in the Kingston flash drive is now opened as a new Drive F (Locker). You will also opens the main interface of the portable locker like below.


To add files and documents to locker in USB drive, you can simply access locker in Windows file explorer, copy and paste from your computer hard drive, flash drive to the locker drive. Files and folders added to the locker will be listed in the main locker window as shown above. If you like to open, preview, edit, delete and manage locked files in the locker, you can also click “Explore” icon to open the locker in Windows Explorer. When you close the above locker window, the locker will be disappeared from Windows Explorer until you open it with its password again.

This USB and Flash security software is the perfect choice to prevent any unauthorized use of your USB drive. It is extremely easy to lock your USB flash drive and protects your sensitive data against theft, accidental loss, and data leak.