How to password protect an email?

Have ever wondered how to password protect an email? Sometimes you would like to password protect a confidential email without anyone else being able to view it even when the recipient is using a public computer, a work email or public email account in a company or organization. Normally email clients do not have such a password protecting feature. In case you like to password protect individual messages or email attachments, you can try below solution on your Windows PC.

How to password protect an email?

Folder Lock is a data lock and security software for Windows. Normally people use it to lock and hide files and folders on computer. You can also use it to encrypt files on computer.

You can download the free version of this tool on to your computer below.

Run this file encryption software on your computer, navigate to the Encrypt Files tab from the left panel. You can then create a locker using this program.
encrypt files on computer

When you are creating a locker with it, you will be required to set a password to protect the locker.

set locker password

Once you have created a locker in the data encryption program, you can open the locker in the software, then you will be able to access it from Windows Explorer on computer. You can store any files and documents to this locker.

Instead of attaching files and documents to email directly, you can copy and paste all your files and documents to the locker, then attach the locker file to email instead. If you like to encrypt the whole email, you can also compose your message in a Word or Text file, then put it to the locker along with other attachments.

The locker will be an EXE file. People can download the encrypted email attachments as long as they have access to the email account. They can open the password protected email only when they have the password, no need to download or install the data encryption software. Without the correct password, no one can open the locker to view files and data included. When someone downloads the email attachment to his computer, he or she will need the password in order to open or run this EXE file, see below screenshot.

open portable locker in flash drive with password