How to password protect Excel workbook?

Our Excel worksheet or workbook could contain very important and private data and info. To prevent unauthorized users from viewing, modifying or stealing data in Excel workbook, you should set a workbook password to protect them. In this article, we will show you how to protect your Excel workbooks or spreadsheet using a password. At the bottom of this guide, we will also talk about how you can remove password protection from Excel. The sample uses Excel 2013. It works similar with other Office or Excel versions though, like Excel 2010, Excel 2007, etc. You can also follow similar steps to protect Word documents with a password. The process is almost the same.

How to set a password to protect Excel workbook?

Open an existing Excel spreadsheet on your computer or run Excel program to create a new one. Then click the File menu at the top left corner and select Info to open the Excel worksheet Info page, see below screenshot.

excel workbook info

From above screen you can find very detailed information and description about the Excel file, such as file size, title, tags, categories, created date, last modified date, author, and so on. You can also find the options to protect Excel workbook so you can control what types of changes people can make to this workbook. Click “Protect Workbook“, you will open a drop-down menu list with all kinds of options and settings you can protect the Excel spreadsheet and data in it. See below screenshot.

encrypt excel workbook with password

Microsoft Office allows users to manage the security of their data in different levels. It is very flexible to protect your Excel worksheet. In this tutorial, we will discuss the workbook-level password security which helps you protect the whole Excel wooksheet file by using a password so only authorized users can open, view or modify data in the workbook. We will not introduce how to protect certain Excel spreadsheet elements or restrict access to Excel files. Choose Encrypt with Password to begin configuring password protection of the Excel workbook. A new dialogue pops up where you can set a password to encrypt Excel workbook.

set a password to protect excel worksheet

Enter the password which you like to encrypt the Excel document with. Note that passwords are case-sensitive, make sure to use a complicate password which you can remember or write it down and keep it in a safe place. Press OK button, you will be required to enter the same password to confirm.

reenter password to encrypt excel worksheet

Once you have reenter the same password, do not forget to save the change to the Excel worksheet before you close it or quit the Excel program on your computer. The next time anyone tries to open the password protected Excel spreadsheet, a password authentication dialogue opens first. Without the correct password, no one can open the Excel workbook or read data in it.

How to remove password protection from an Excel spreadsheet?

Some users may also how to encrypt an Excel document but do not know how to cancel the password protection from Excel files. To remove password protection from Excel, you must firstly open the spreadsheet with the current password. Then click File menu, select Info tab, click Protect Workbook, choose Encrypt with Password, then the Encrypt Document dialogue box pops up, delete the encrypted password in the Password box, click OK button, and then save the change of this Excel spreadsheet.