How to password protect PowerPoint presentations?

Do you need to protect critical information contained in your PowerPoint presentations? You can add a password to your PPT files so only people know the password can access or open your PowerPoint documents. Basically there are two password options for you to add security layers to your PPT presentation. One is the password to open PowerPoint files. The other is the password to modify PowerPoint files. We will talk about only the first password protection feature of PPT files in this article. This is a PPT file level security feature which can protect the whole presentation files from unauthorized access. No one can open or read the PPT presentation, without first entering the correct password. At the second half of this post, we will also show you how to remove password protection from PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office suite. We will learn how to protect your PPT presentation below. However the same procedure can also help you password protect Word documents, set a password to encrypt Excel workbook, and more. This document protection method applies to Office products and versions, such as Excel 2007, Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Excel 2010, Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Excel 2013, Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Access, Publisher, Visio, OneNote, etc.

How to password protect PowerPoint Presentation files?

Run PowerPoint on your computer and open the presentation file you like to encrypt or protect. Click File menu at top left corner of the Ribbon, then click on Info tab from the left navigation panel. The presentation info page opens with details about all aspects about this PPT file, such as file size, slides contained, title, tags, categories, author, last modified date, created date, etc.

encrypt powerpoint presentation with password

Find and click on Protect Presentation, you will then get a drop-down menu list, select Encrypt with Password from this menu. You will see the Encrypt Document dialogue where you can set a password to protect your PowerPoint presentation. Type the password in the Password box, hit the OK button. Another Confirm Password dialogue pops up, reenter the password in the box and click OK button again. After that go to save the change to your PPT files and quit the PowerPoint program. From now on, anyone opens the file will be required to enter the password first. Your PowerPoint presentation is locked with a password.
set password to protect powerpoint presentation

How to encrypt multiple PPT presentations and folder?

If you have many PowerPoint files want to protect, you can either open each PPT file and add password to the presentations one by one, or put all PowerPoint files into a directory, then set a password to lock the folder on computer.

How to remove password protection from PowerPoint Presentation?

To remove the password from PowerPoint Presentation, firstly open the protected presentation file with the password, then repeat above instructions until you get the Encrypt Document dialogue, and then delete the password from the Password box. Click OK button, then save your PowerPoint presentation.

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