Password protect zip files on Mac

eZip offers Mac users an easy and free way to protect private files, archive documents from prying eyes. You can use it to password protect photos, videos, voice recordings, PDF, other files and docs. Creating a password protected zip file on Mac using this free archive utility, so no one can decompress the file, open or view content in it without the correct password. 

Download this free eZip app on your Mac. Install it on your Mac. 

Open Finder on Mac. Find the files you want to protect in Finder. Right click on them, choose eZip: Create an Archive from the drop-down menu, you will get a pop-up window like this.

In this Create a new archive dialog, you can choose a different location to save the zip file, choose a different name, and add password to the compress file. Click Add Password. Enter the same password twice in a new window that pops up, and click OK to return to the Create a new archive window. Finally hit the Compress button to create a zip file with password protection. 

You can then go to delete the original files. To open the protected zip file on Mac, double click on it in Finder, then enter the password to unzip it with the stock unarchive app on Mac. You can send the zip file to other Mac or other OS, such as Windows, Android, iOS. Anyone with the correct password can open, view, unarchive it with standard unzipping apps.