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PDF Element is an all-in-one PDF Editor, designed for ordinary users and laymen who want to easily edit, convert, sign PDF files, OCR PDF files and many more. Now let’s take a closer look at its cool features and see how they can help improve your productivity for work.

Edit PDF documents

Edit text, images in PDF, change font size, color, style, etc.

Recognize text from PDF

Optical Character Recognition to turn your scanned documents into a fully editable document

Convert PDF to files

Easily convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint PPT, text, PNG image, JPEG image and other file types

Sign on PDF

Sign a RFP or contract, annotate PDF documents

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Edit PDF files

Editing PDF files becomes so easy with PDF Element, just like you process text using Microsoft Word. Feel free to input, alter, delete texts in PDF. You can style your text such as make text bold and or make text italicized in PDF files. You can also change font size, color in PDF files, add underlines to texts in PDF, mark text as deleted in PDF and many more . Do you want to add images to PDF files? Yes, it can also be done easily. Inserting image to PDF and scale the image within your PDF is as easy as you can do in Word.
edit PDF document

Convert PDF files

PDF is a very popular document format. We can see a lot of documents are saved as PDF files. However sometimes we may need to edit PDF files or convert to other file types, such as converting PDF to text, PDF to Word or from PDF to Excel or more file types. With the powerful PDF editing feature, you can easily convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint PPT, text, PNG image, JPEG image and other file types. PDF Element is the ultimate solution to convert PDF files.
convert pdf to word excel or images

OCR PDF files

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology is able to turn your scanned documents into a fully editable document so you can edit them on your computer, such as search, edit, format, resize, all text. Are you using another language other than English? No problem, the OCR technology behind this PDF editor is multilingual. It supports different languages, such as English, Korean, Russian, German, Spanish, and many more.

PDF element OCR availability

The PDF element OCR comes as a separate plugin. When you purchased click the “OCR” button under the “Edit” tab in the main PDF Element software, you will be prompted with a window to remind you to buy the OCR plug-in. Click the “Purchase” button to buy the OCR Plug-in. The moment you complete the order, you’ll receive an email that includes the OCR Plug-in download link and registration code. You can also purchase PDF element OCR plugin at the bottom of this page.

PDFelement OCR turn scanned PDFs into fully selectable, searchable, and editable files. The OCR comes as a plug-in for PDFelement (Windows version). After enabling it, all features in the PDF Editor will be applicable to scanned PDFs, you will be able to:

  1. Copy text and images from scanned PDF.
  2. Edit scanned PDF texts, images, and pages
  3. Convert scanned PDFs to word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, EPUB, etc.

Combine or split PDF documents

If you have multiple PDF files want to join together into one PDF file, you can drag and drop them into the PDF tool and combine multiple PDF files into one in just one click. On the other end, if you have a very long PDF file, you like to split into short ones, you can specify the maximum number of pages each PDF file you like to convert to, or manually add bookmarks into the PDF file, and split PDF files accordingly. If you like to save a certain page, certain pages or current page within a PDF file, you can also extract any particular page or pages from PDF files.

Sign PDF digitally

Want to sign a RFP or contract? Using its industry-standard encrypted digital signatures is a convenient way to place your signature anywhere on a PDF file and send your document immediately through Email without the need to print and scan your documents. You can also create your handwritten signature using this PDF tool.
place digital signature on PDF files

Except the above features, the PDF Element can also help you annotate PDF documents, a great way to work together with your co-workers or friends on the same PDF file. You can also redact a PDF file to permanently black out any text or image with confidence and efficiency. We know that some PDF documents or information included in your PDF files is confidential, you want to make sure only the authorized person can access it. An Open Password option will require a password to open the PDF document. You can also set a different password to change security settings and access specific functions such as printing document, inserting/deleting/rotating pages, filling form fields and signing, commenting, etc.

PDF Element 7 for Windows

  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista
  • Price: $79 or $159
  • Supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and Chinese.

PDF Element 7 for Mac​

  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Price: $79 or $159
  • Supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and Chinese.


Protect your financial/personal info with advanced encryption and fraud protection.

Money back

All products come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Free Upgrade

One-time fee, life-long license with completely free software updates.

Free Support

Knowledgeable representatives are available through email.


Techradar Editor's Rating

“Just about everything about PDFelement is beautiful – looks, functionality, features.”

— from Techradar 

Good replacement of Adobe Acrobat XI

“There are very few features that this program doesn’t have compared to Adobe. The only things I would still like to see are a) Rulers, grid etc. b) The ability to always have page navigation in view without having to click on the “Home” tab. c) A view of the size of your page when you hover your pointer over de down left corner of your page. A lot of features are nicer than the equivalent features in Adobe Acrobat. I expect this program to become better and better and wouldn’t be surprised if they became better than Adobe.”

— by Ellen

PDFelement 6 Professional for Windows

“I like PDFelement 6 Professional for Windows because there are 2 reasons, at the first reason “Build forms from hundreds of ready-to-use templates from our built-in form library, so you don’t have to start from scratch.” and second reason “Capture and extract data from the hundreds or thousands of interactive forms filled by your clients into one Excel .CSV spreadsheet in seconds.”
— by Bhagwat Singh Ranawat