How to Perform Factory Reset on HTC One M9?

A factory data reset on the Android phone is the last thing you may think about when you can’t fix severe problems of you smart phone, such as performance issues, software bugs, glitches, etc. Basically a system reboot (restart or power off then power on) can help fix many small issues. If your HTC OneM9 has a persistent problem that cannot be solved by any other methods, you can perform a factory reset. Since factory reset will remove all data on your HTC phone storage, you have to create a back up of your data on the phone and save it to an external storage, like your computers, portable hard drive, USB drive, before you go to reset your phone. During the factory data reset, you will lose almost all personal data, such as downloaded apps, your accounts configured, files created, app data generated, system data generated. You may be suggested to perform a factory data reset on your Android phone to erase data on it. However a factory reset may not permanently erase all data from your phone, including personal information. You can refer to this guide to recover erased data after factory reset on Android phones. A factory reset just adds another layer to your mobile phone data or privacy. It can’t permanently help you get rid of your personal data on the phone.
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How to do a factory reset on HTC One M9?

There are two different ways you can perform a factory reset on your HTC One M9. One is called Soft Factory Reset which can be done from HTC phone settings. The other is known as Hard Factory Reset which can be done using the buttons on your handset without the need to enter into the normal Android system on your HTC smart phone. We will firstly discuss the factory reset on HTC One M9 through the Android system.

HTC One M9 Soft Factory Reset

From the home screen of your HTC One M9, tap on Apps icon, then tap on Settings. Find and choose Backup & reset option in your HTC M9 settings. There will be a Reset phone option which you can use to delete all data from your phone’s internal storage. To also delete data, mainly media files, from your external storage, memory card or SD card, select Erase SD card. Tap OK.

Important Note:

Like we have mentioned at the first beginning of this article, factory reset on your HTC phone can help erase the HTC One M9, however this can’t prevent the delete data from being recovered. You can scroll up to the first paragraph and check out the linked guide to recover data after factory reset on HTC and other Android phones. You can also refer to this guide to see how to recover photos, video, contacts, messages from HTC mobile phones.

HTC One M9 Hard Factory Reset

Hard factory data reset is another way you can perform factory reset on HTC One M9. It will result in the same thing on your HTC phone. The soft factory reset is the easiest way to reset HTC One M9. You need to hard reset your phone only if the soft reset does not work.

Power off your HTC M9 or do not power it on. Press and hold the volume up button, power button and home button at the same time until you see the HTC logo shows up. Wait a while until your phone fully boot into the recovery mode. Now use volume up/down to navigate in the recovery mode screen. Highlight the Wipe data / factory reset option, then press power button to select. Then confirm to delete all user data. Wait for the process to complete, select Reboot system now option and you are done.