Permanently erase deleted iPhone data from Mac

I’m testing the iPhone data recovery software to scan my iPhone and it turns out a lot of deleted files and data can still be found. Some of them were even removed from the phone long time ago. When we deleted something on the phone, we may think they are gone as there is no recycle bin on the phone as on computers. However with a professional data retrieval tool, we can possibly regain the access to the deleted data and restore them. Mobile users should use a more secure way to delete data on their device. Reset iPhone and erase all content and data on iPhone is a more safe way to get rid of your sensitive files and data. This method however will remove all data from iPhone. There’s no option for us to select any specific files and documents and permanently erase them from iPhone. If you want to get rid of private data on iPhone, like photos, videos, text messages, call logs, without affecting other existing data you want to keep, you should seek a third party data destroyer or erasure solution.

Searching on the internet, we can find various software tools claim to help us completely delete data on mobile phone, notably this data eraser for iPhone and Android. It could be overwhelming to pick the best suitable solution for most of us. As consumers without professional knowledge we want an easy-to-use solution which can help us permanently remove unwanted files from iPhone with less efforts. We need to make sure no data recovery tool can possibly restore those deleted data. Meanwhile our budget for this is limited. We can’t afford for very high payments as individuals.

Last week we published a related article about how Android users can get rid of their data on the phone using a PC. See this guide to use a PC to safely erase all data on Android phone before selling, trading in, donating or giving away our old phone. Today, we’ll introduce a similar data erasure tool for iPhone which can erase existing and/or deleted data from a Mac or PC. You will learn how to safely and permanently erase deleted iPhone data from a Mac and prevent them from being recovered to protect your privacy. You can choose to only erase deleted data on iPhone, it can does no harm to existing data on the phone. It is very easy to use and yet very affordable for any iPhone users. We’ll use its Mac version to walk you through the simple procedure in this tutorial. Windows PC users can also refer to below instructions. Just make sure to download and use the Windows version of this iPhone data eraser.

How to permanently erase iPhone data using a Mac?

The iPhone data erasing method we employ requires the Safe Eraser program to be installed on our computer. You can get the free trial version on to your PC or Mac below.

iphone safe eraser for mac

Note that this is a multi-purpose tool. It can do much more than just wiping out data from iPhone. We’ll not discuss other features in this post. You can download this tool and explore its features by yourself.

iphone safe eraser for mac to erase deleted files on iPhone

Run the iPhone data eraser for Mac, attach iPhone to Mac via USB. Switch to ‘Erase deleted iPhone files‘ mode in the data eraser program. To completely wipe those deleted data on iPhone, you need to click the Start button to allow the software to analyze your iPhone and scan its storage space to find out all those deleted data but in fact still stays on your phone. You can then preview them and finally erase them permanently from iPhone. These data include your photos, videos, SMS, contacts, call history, Safari bookmarks, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memos.

erase deleted files from iphone using safe eraser for mac

You can select to erase part of the file types or one-click to wipe them all. Once the deleted data was erased using this tool, they will be gone from your iPhone, no data recovery software can help retrieve them and you do not need to worry they will be handed to the wrong people. It will be like they have never been on your phone.