Play & Convert Matrox AVI videos on Windows PC

Can’t open or play Matrox .avi files in Windows 10? Movies & TV is the default video player in Windows 10, which should be able to play most AVI movies and videos. However AVI is just a container. The codec is what determines whether or not the file can be played. Matrox AVI files are encoded with their own codec, such as MMES, MMIF. Many players, editors may not be compatible with these codecs, thus you run into incompatibility issues when trying to open, play or edit them use your players or editors. In this quick guide, we will show you how to play and convert Matrox AVI videos on a Windows 10 computer.

Get the Matrox AVI video Player on Windows PC

We recommend this video player and converter for the job. It is easy to use and yet powerful. Get the free trial version which you can use to play all kinds of videos and audios for completely free. You need to buy full version for video burning, converting, downloading, transfer, streaming and other features though.

Play Matrox AVI videos

To play Matrox AVI videos, simply drag and drop them from File Explorer to the workspace of the media converter. Mouse on the video thumbnail to show the play button and click to play the selected Matrox AVI video.

play, convert Matrox AVI videos on Windows PC using Video converter

Convert Matrox AVI videos

If you want to play the Matrox AVI videos on other devices or with different players, choose a target video format or device from the upper right corner, say MP4, MOV, MPEG, etc. Select a target device, the optimized video/audio profile will be applied automatically. For example, you can select Samsung TV so as to play and convert videos to Samsung TV without knowing which video format you should choose. Hit the Convert button to transcode the AVI video to other formats and codecs. You can also change its codec only and keep the file format unchanged, say you can convert the AVI video to AVI with a different code, like Xvid, DIVX, MJPEG, H264, etc. Once a file format is selected, you have the option to customize the video codec, audio codec, and many other aspects or parameters.

Find the converted AVI files from the output folder of the media converter, you can then use your favorite player, editor or device to open, play or edit them.

Note that the Video Converter serves as a great free media player for Matrox AVI and many other media files. Many other features of this software however are only available in the full version. You can buy the full version to unlock all the features, such as video conversion, editing, audio conversion, editing, video burning, downloading, transfer, and so on.

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