Play and convert WhatsApp voice notes, audio messages in OPUS format for Android

In a recent update, WhatsApp for Android has replaced .AAC file format with .OPUS, a not so commonly used audio format in our life. This may cause us problems when we want to play the WhatsApp voice notes, audio messages, voice recordings using a third party audio or media player, transfer or export the WhatsApp voice messages, notes or recordings from phone to computer. However once you upgrade to the latest version of WhatsApp, you have no way to roll back as WhatsApp will stop supporting the old version. Users have to get used to this new audio message, voice notes file format .OPUS.

Today, we will show you how to export WhatsApp voice notes, audio messages from Android mobile to PC or Mac. Then use a third party media player to play them. Optionally you can also convert the WhatsApp OPUS audio or voice messages, notes to other formats, like MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, OGG, so you can open or play them on any devices, including your smart phone, tablets, PC, Mac, a Bluetooth device, media players, etc.

Export WhatsApp voice notes, audio messages from Android to computer

Almost any Android phones come with a file manager which you can use to access WhatsApp media files. For example, I can find all the WhatsApp voice recordings, audio messages from my Samsung Galaxy phone > My Files > Local storage > Device Storage > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Audio and WhatsApp Voice Notes. There are different ways you can transfer the WhatsApp audio files from Android to computer, Bluetooth share, Email, a third party chat app, a third party file manager, etc. Load them off via USB connection is the most intuitive way. To do that, simply attach your Android phone to computer using its USB data cord, then browse to the above mentioned WhatsApp media folder through the File Manager on Windows PC or Finder on Mac, copy and paste them from the phone to your desktop or laptop computer hard drive.

For file exchanges between mobile and PC, we highly recommend this file transfer between mobile phones and PC using Shareit, the best free file transfer app for Android.

Email is also a good option. It might not be good for bulk file transfer. But if you simply want to transfer couple of WhatsApp audio messages, WhatsApp voice notes, voice recordings from Android device to computer, Email transfer is a very convenient solution. Simply find the audio file in WhatsApp conversation, long press on it to show the Share icon, then choose Mail as the way to share the WhatsApp media file, then send it to yourself through email. Finally access this email account on your computer and download it from email to your PC or Mac. No emails setup on the phone? You should add some email accounts now. For example, you can add your Yahoo mail account to Samsung phone, and following these steps you can set up Hotmail account on Samsung mobile, just as some examples. You can add any IMAP/POP enabled email services to your mobile device.

Play and convert WhatsApp audio messages, voice notes from on computer

You need to use a third party media player and converter to do this job if you are a Windows user as neither Windows Media Player nor Groove Music apps can open the WhatsApp OPUS audio files. Video converter ultimate is a compatible media player & converter to play them or convert them to other common audio formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, or else. Download the FREE version of the video converter on your computer below.

You can use it to play .OPUS files on your computer using the built-in media player within this media converter tool, no need to buy its full version unless you want its advanced media converting features. HOWEVER make sure to change the .OPUS file extension to .mp3 on your PC first, otherwise you can’t add them to the media player & converter above. *This issue was fixed in the new version. You can directly play and convert WhatsApp audio messages, voice notes using this media converter now.

play and convert opus audio files using video converter ultimate on pc

To add WhatsApp .opus audio files is easily, simply click and drop them from your file explorer on computer to this media tool, or click the Add Files button to load them into this program. After that you can mouse on the audio thumb icon to show the Play icon, click on it to play the .opus audio on PC or Mac. If you like to convert the WhatsApp .opus audios, go to pick up a target audio format, could it be MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, or else, from the Output Format section at the right side of the media player and converter software. Finally hit the Convert button to transform or transcode them from OPUS to MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, or other selected file type. Open the Output folder of the media converter tool, you can find the output audio files there. You can then play the edited WhatsApp audio messages, voice notes on computer or transfer them to any other devices you like.

Converting WhatsApp audio messages, voice notes – video demo

Converting audio messages, voice notes, sound recordings and more

Except WhatsApp audio messages, voice notes, the same media converter can be used to convert iPhone voice memos to MP3, convert Samsung Voice Recordings from 3GA to MP3, etc. It is a very useful media player, converter, burner, transfer tool.

Update 2017: this post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated to reflect the new software UI through the above video demo in 2017.

Update Jun 2018: the media converter now provides native support to .opus format. You do not need to change file extension of WhatsApp audio message, voice note from .opus to .mp3, .wma or other common audio file extension any more. you can directly import them to the media player, play them with the built-in player and convert them to other audio formats.