Play GIF on Mac

Got a GIF file on Mac and can’t find a way to play or view the animated GIF file? Preview is the default image viewer on Mac. When you double click on a gif file on Mac, it opens in Preview, however it cannot play the GIF. Instead, you can see all its thumbnails, the images or frames that inside the GIF. Here we will introduce Mac users two easy ways to open, play and view animated GIF files on Mac without installing additional image or GIF viewers or players.

Play GIF with Quick Look

Find the GIF in Finder, click to select it then press the space bar to open the GIF in a new window and play it. Alternatively, right click on the GIF file in Finder, then choose Quick Look from the context menu to open and view the GIF.

Open GIF in Safari browser

Right click on the GIF file in Finder, choose Open with > Safari app to open the GIF in the web browser and play the animated GIF. You can also open a new tab in Safari browser, then drag the GIF file from Finder to the browser address bar to open and play the GIF file in the web browser on Mac.

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