Pointofix for Windows

Pointofix is the highlighter for your screen to support your lectures, training courses and presentations. With this tool, each screen space can be made available as a digital drawing surface so that you can mark and highlight important things. Ideal for you as a teacher or an IT trainer to support your lectures, training and presentations, which are more impressive and appreciated by the audience.

At the push of a button, Pointofix virtually freezes the current screen content and provides a number of practical marking and drawing tools in various colors and sizes: freehand pen, line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, text input, check mark and a few more.

Pointofix works with any Windows application program. The integrated screen magnifier and the multi-level zoom view of the entire screen are further useful functions to support your presentation. In addition, the screen content can be printed out, saved as a graphic file or shared with others.


Pointofix is free to download and use. It works with all major Windows OS, including the latest Windows 10. Get it from its website here.

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