Prepare Videos for Web

Want to share your videos on your website or prepare your videos to upload to video sharing sites?

You will find it is not easy to keep a balance between video file size and visual quality. Also encoding of videos could be a challenge for many non-tech savvy guys. Before you putting a video online, your first task is to make your source video in a sharing format other than raw video format.

We know that almost all cameras can shoot high-quality video files, and these files are usually unnecessarily large. This is a big problem for online streaming as many people might not have the patience to wait for the long buffering caused by large video data streaming and relatively slow Internet connection.

When making a online video for fast online delivery, the smaller file size, the better loading speed is a general rule. So you need to throw away some video information to make small files. But on the other end, you will lose video quality to some extent. Almost all video compression methods don’t deliver great looking files as good as the original video source. Getting a small video file size with good visual quality is not easy to do.

It is possible to deliver video that looks great using data rates that measures up to around 10MB per minute. And this should not be a problem for most broadband users to play the videos smoothly online.

It is necessary to pre-compress your source video files to a high-quality format to speed up the loading and minimize the buffering. MP4 videos with H.264 codec is one of the most frequently use online video sharing format. It is widely supported by most web browsers, it delivers high-quality videos with compact file size, ideal for playback on websites. In fact it is one of the most important HTML5 video format. HTML5 is the latest HTML and web technology. You can find out more details about how to add HTML5 videos to websites here.