Print a web page without ads and other clutter on Windows PC

Do you want to print a web page but find it is cluttered with annoying ads, menu, or sidebars? In this guide, we show you how to turn a web page or article into a printer friendly version so you can print it out without those annoying items. We will use Microsoft Edge browser on a Windows 10 computer in this demo. However you should find similar features with other major web browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Enter Immersive Reader mode in Edge browser

Microsoft Edge also has the Immersive Reader mode, also known as reading view mode, which can help users get rid of ads and other distractions from web pages. First, visit the webpage in Edge browser and wait until all its content loads, then click the Immersive Reader button besides the link in the address bar to enter Immersive Reader or reading view mode.

microsoft edge browser for windows enter immersive reader mode

Press CTRL+P on your keyboard to load the printing preview. If you are satisfied, select the printer to print it out.

Delete any element from page using Edge Inspect tool

Like any other modern desktop browsers, Edge browser provides advanced users the Inspect tool which we can use to easily delete any element from a web page.

Right click on any blank area on the page, then choose Inspect from the context menu or simply press CTRL+SHIFT+i on your keyboard to open the Inspect pane on the right hand side of the current browser window. Click the selection tool, then move the curser to highlight and select any element on the page. When you click to select a item on the page, its code snippet will also be selected on the right pane. Right click on the code snippet and choose Delete element from the pop-up menu to delete the selected element from the page as well.

delete web page elment using Inspect tool of microsoft edge browser for windows

In this way, you get very clean web page without any unwanted elements, and print only text, just text without even any images, using the Edge browser on PC.