Print iPhone messages

Sometimes you may want to print SMS, MMS, imessages on iPhone for legal purposes or else. To do that, you need to firstly export the messages from iPhone to printable format and then print them out using printer. Today, we will show you how to print text messages, iMessages, WhatsApp chats, Viber conversations, Kik chat history and more from iPhone using iOS Transfer and Data Backup & Restore on a Windows or Mac.

Print messages, iMessages from iPhone using the Transfer

To print out messages on iPhone, you need to export the messages from iPhone to printable format on to your computer and then print them to paper using printer. Get this iPhone toolkit onto your PC or Mac.

ios toolkit dcfon

Click Transfer from its home screen. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB. Switch from its Home tab to the Information tab. Then choose SMS from the left pane, you will find all your iPhone messages and imessages in the iPhone data transfer program on your computer. Select any or all your messages and hit the Export to save them from iPhone to your desktop or laptop.

export text messages from iphone to windows pc using dcfon ios transfer

After the text messages and iMessages were exported from iPhone, the phone manager then create three copies of messages in HTML, CSV and TEXT formats. You can open and view the iPhone messages using different software on your computer. For example, you can open the messages in HTML format using a web browser, like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge. You can then preview and print out the iPhone messages from web browser. The CSV file can be read and edited using Excel or other spreadsheet apps.

Print messages in chat apps using the Backup & Restore tool

iOS Data Backup & Restore offers a new way to get iPhone text messages and iMessages printed. It allows users to backup messages from iPhone to computer in just one click.

Note that this backup solution allows you to selectively backup only messages and iMessags or Whatsapp messages, Viber messages, Kik messages, Line messages other than backup the whole iPhone.

After that you can restore backups from computer to iOS devices if needed. You can also select and preview data contained in the backup files. Along with giving users the ability to view backup file before restoring to iOS device, the backup tool could also be used for printing messages, WhatsApp chats, Viber chat history, and so on.

print text messages, imessages from iphone using ios data backup

Other than that, with iOS Data Backup you can also choose to extract iPhone messages from the backup file to computer, so you can edit them before printing.

Can I print text messages with date and time stamp?

The above iPhone messages printing solutions will print out text messages with correct time stamp automatically. This makes your printed copy or edition more useful for trial or legal matters.

Can I print messages with contact information for the other party?

Yes. In addition to correct time and date stamp, the real contact information for the other party or parties in the text message conversation will also be included in the printed copy. You can see phone numbers for SMS, either a phone number or an email address for for MMS or iMessages.

Preview and optionally edit the print

The above message printing tools will automatically optimize the style, layout, color, font, margins so you can go to print them to paper directly. Preview the print and edit them if like. It’s your choice.

Print WhatsApp chats and more

Except SMS messages and iMessags, you can also follow above instructions to print Whatsapp messages, Viber messages, Kik messages, Line messages from iPhone or iPad.

Print messages from iPhone iTunes and iCloud backup

If you already backed up the messages and chats from iPhone to computer via iTunes, from iPhone to server via iCloud, you can also get them printed out. You can follow this tutorial to print text messages from iTunes backup.

For messages backup in iCloud, you need to firstly download iCloud backup to computer, then extract the data to computer and save them as printable format. Check out previous linked article for more details.