Print iPhone WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app available for iPhone and other smartphones. It allows users to message and call their friends and family through internet. Sometimes you may want to print out important WhatsApp messages from iPhone to paper for legal matters or archiving purposes. Today, we will share with you several ways to get your WhatsApp chat history on iPhone printed to paper. There are mainly two steps to do that. Firstly you will need to extract WhatsApp chats from iPhone to computer as printable files; secondly print WhatsApp chats using a connected printer.

Method 1. Download & Print WhatsApp messages from iCloud

Apple iCloud provides each account 5GB free storage space. You can backup Whatsapp chats from iPhone to iCloud. To turn on iCloud backup for WhatsApp is very easy. Head to iPhone Settings >> iCloud >> Documents & Data, turn on Documents & Data and enable WhatsApp to store documents and data in iCloud. Then launch WhatsApp on iPhone, go to Settings >> Chats >> Chat Backup, then set Auto Backup or manually backup WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to iCloud.

Now the WhatsApp chat history has been uploaded from iPhone to iCloud. We need to fetch the WhatsApp data from iCloud account to our computer and get them printed to paper. You can follow this tutorial to download iCloud backup files to computer. Instead of downloading the whole backup file, you can selectively download WhatsApp backup from iCloud account. In the iPhone recovery software, you can select WhatsApp, then choose WhatsApp conversation, preview the chat history, and click the Printer icon to print WhatsApp chat history directly. Other than that, you can also extract WhatsApp messages from iCloud to computer as printable HTML and CSV files, and then print WhatsApp messages to papers using a connected printer.

print iphone text messages from icloud

Method 2. Export & Print WhatsApp messages from iPhone

Your chat history via WhatsApp on iPhone can be exported to computer using a professional WhatsApp transfer and backup tool. See how you can backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to PC or Mac in simple clicks.

print whatsapp messages from iphone using ios data backup

The WhatsApp backup tool has the built-in printing feature to allow users directly print WhatsApp chats without leaving the software. Except that, you can also extract the WhatsApp chats from the backup file and save it as HTML or CSV files so you can print them out using a web browser or spreadsheet app on your computer.

Method 3. Extract & Print WhatsApp messages from iTunes

iTunes can help backup WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to our computer. After that you just need a iTunes backup extractor to extract Whatsapp messages from iTunes backup file so you can print them out. See how you can extract data from iTunes backup to computer.

In a related article, we discussed how you can extract and print text messages from iTunes backup on computer. The same method works for WhatsApp chats printing from iTunes backup file as well.

print text messages imessages from itunes backup file using ios data recovery software