How to print Viber messages & call history from iPhone?

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Viber is a very popular third party messaging app for iPhone. So many iPhone users prefer WhatsApp and Viber than the stock messaging app on iPhone. Viber is designed feature rich, easy to use, user friendly. For some purpose, you may want to print out Viber texts and call history. Viber for iPhone does not allow you to print messages from iPhone, you will need a third party software tool for this job. In this article, we will use several different tools to help you get your Viber chats printed to paper in easy steps.

Method 1. Print Viber messages from iPhone using Viber backup

This iPhone toolkit provides us plenty of useful tools. The iPhone Viber data backup and restore is just one of them.

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You can also make use of this tool to backup Viber chat history and call logs from iPhone to computer. After that you can view Viber chats and messages in the backup file, export them to computer as user-friendly files and print Viber conversations from iPhone to paper.

Method 2. Print Viber messages & chat history using iPhone Data Recovery

The above iPhone toolkit has the data recovery which is able to find and extract Viber chat history, both existing and deleted, from iPhone to computer. Also this tool has the printer feature which can be really useful when you want to print Viber call history or print messages from Viber on iPhone.

Run the above software on your computer, choose Data Recovery from its home screen. Connect your iPhone to computer using its data cable. The software will then recognize your phone instantly and you will see a screen of all kinds of supported file types that the software can extract from iPhone to your computer. Click to select Viber & Attachments. Then click the Scan button to allow the software to search Viber data on your iPhone. A few minutes later you will see a list of all found Viber chat history, call history when the software has finished scanning your iPhone. See below screenshot.

print viber messages, call history from iphone

Print Viber messages from iPhone

To print Viber messages from iPhone, click Viber from the left menu, browse through your Viber conversations and find the message thread you like to print out. You can preview all the texts and attached files in the preview column on the right hand side. You can select any messages in a Viber conversation to print or select the whole Viber conversation and print out anything included in the conversation. You can even select multiple or all Viber conversations at the same time and print out all of them. Just select the viber conversation in the middle, then preview and select specific messages or texts in the right column, click the Printer icon above the preview window. After that the printing preview dialogue opens where you can customize the printing layout and settings and finally print Viber messages from iPhone.

Print Viber call history from iPhone

In the left navigation panel, select Viber Call History, you can then select, preview and print Viber call history from iPhone.

Update Oct 2017: this article was originally published in 2016 and has since been updated. In Oct 2017, the Viber chat history printing via Viber backup and iPhone backup have been added.

Update May 2018: added iOS Line, Viber, Kik backup software screenshot, added the link to the Viber conversations backup tutorial.

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