Print a web page without ads and images on Mac

When you want to print out articles from the web, you may be interested in stripping out all those items and elements that are not directly related to the content, like the ads, layouts, logos, links, sidebar, and other information. Most web browsers, like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, support reader mode which can automatically get rid of those unnecessary items from web pages. By doing so, you can save papers and ink and get more clean content without distractions. Today, we will discuss how you can print a web page without ads and even images from Safari browser on Mac.

Enable reader view before printing in Safari

Visit the web page or article you wish to print in Safari browser. Click on the Reader View button before the URL address in the address bar to enter into Reader mode. You’ll then get just a nice simple and clean article with only text and images.

Enable Reader View in Safari browser on Mac

Delete images from reader view before printing

You can even disable all images from webpages in Safari web browser. Once you put the web page in reader view mode, right click on blank area, choose Inspect Element from the pop-up menu. Then under the Elements tab, click the Start Element Selection icon, mouse on the image to from the page to select its code snipping, then right click on the code snipping and choose Delete > Node to hide or delete the selected image. Repeat the steps to choose and delete more images that you don’t want to print them out.

select, hide, delete image from web page inspect element safari mac

Go to Safari > Print to select printer, adjust printing settings and finally print out the web page with clean content.

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