A problem facing the Android data recovery

Recent updates of the Dr.Phone Android mobile file retrieval program showed us how this specialized mobile phone recovery has transformed into a multi-purpose toolkit for Android powered smartphones. It was firstly designed to enable us to get back lost data from our phones when no backups were created or saved or the backup files were lost either. A variety of file types are supported, like our contacts and phone numbers, messages, WhatsApp chats, call logs, photos, videos, music, etc. If interested, check out following guide which shows the steps to recover WhatsApp messages from Android phone, just as an example.

The developer of the software began to extend the services when the program has achieved great success. MicroSD card media files retrieval has been added as an add-on so users can scan memory card to recover photos, videos and more when they do not have access to the phones any more, such as broken phones, stolen phone, etc.

Broken phones with hardware failure and/or the mobile OS is crashed are not currently supported. However sometimes it is only the phone screen was broken, such as black screen, unresponsive screen, the Android system on the device is actually working well in the background. The Android phone recovery tool has packed in the Android Data Extraction utility to help users recover data from the damaged Android devices.

swiss army knife vs software toolkit

Now a toolkit can be found in addition to above mentioned utilities. Open this toolkit from the main program, you will see the Android Data Backup & Restore to export data from phone to computer for backup, Android SIM Unlock utility to remove SIM card network lock from Android phones, Android Root to gain root access or superuser permissions on Android phones, Android Lock Screen Removal to disable screen lock on Android devices when you forgot the passcode, password, lock pattern or fingerprint.

In the future release, we can expect more utilities will put into the same program by the development team. They are trying to turn it into a revenue driver and create more businesses. Once problem the developer is facing now is that what kind of tools and features should be included? Android data backup and data recovery are closely related and we have the reason to believe customers also want to see them in one place. But how about Android root, SIM card unlock, or else? We are glad to find more and more useful tools being integrated into this already great software tool. The developer brought this new concept to us and we can accept it. But one day when we find most of the new features and tools are useless, we may stop upgrading even if it means we can’t get the improvement to those tools we need.