Publish iWeb Site to FTP Server

I’m using iWeb to build my website on Mac, but having trouble publishing my web draft. The problem is every time i finish iWeb site and hit publish, mobile me comes up. It goes no where, it just goes back to where i began. Is it possible to publish my iWeb site to my hosting server other than MobileMe? MobileMe was discontinued in June, 2012. Thus you can no longer publish your iWeb to Apple MobileMe server any longer. In this guide, we will talk about how to publish your iWeb site to your FTP server. There are a lot of online website CMS that can help you create a website quickly, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. You can refer to this guide to create a website online using WordPress in just 3 minutes.

Publish iWeb site to FTP server.

1. Start iWeb on your Mac.
2. In iWeb, click on your Site name.
You will get the iWeb site publishing settings window.
Publish iWeb site to FTP server
3. Select FTP server from the Publish to drop down list.
In the list, you can find three options where you can publish the iWeb site to: MobileMe, FTP server and Local Folder.
4. Fill up your FTP server info.
Site name: may leave it blank.
Contact email: optional.
Server address: normall it is, such as
User name: your FTP user name
Password: your FTP password
Directory/Path: that’s a little tricky. For most servers it is just a simple “/” . Other servers have a folder named, such as “www”, “public_html”, “public_php” where you should upload the files to. If you have multiple websites hosted in the same web server. You can set up different FTP accounts and map them to separate folders or directories on your server.
Protocol: FTP
Website URL: type in your URL or domain name.