A quick guide to printing Kik messages from iPhone

kik app for iphone iconHow do you quickly print out the chat history in Kik for iPhone? Kik is a very popular free messaging app for both Android and iOS. Many people use Kik for both personal communication and business purpose. Sometimes you may send or receive important data via Kik on iPhone that you like to print them out as a proof or record. Kik app does not have any built-in tool to allow you do that. You will need a third party software tool. Check out below instructions if you want to back up Kik data from iPhone to PC or Mac or print text messages from Kik.

In this guide, we will provide you two solutions to print Kik messages via iPhone data recovery and its Kik backup tool.

Method 1. Print iPhone Kik messages using iPhone data recovery

iPhone data recovery is a popular data rescue solution to help iOS device users get back their lost or deleted files and documents on the device. For example, you may delete some important data by mistake on iPhone. With this tool, you can scan iPhone’s internal memory for those deleted data and extract them from phone to your PC or Mac. Other than fetching deleted data from iPhone, existing files and documents can also be exported from iPhone. Supported file types include photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more. In fact, this is the 1st iPhone and iPad data recovery software in the world. And until now it still has the highest recovery rate in the industry. For more details you can refer to this guide to recover deleted Kik chat history from iPhone to Mac.

From previous linked article, you will see this iPhone data retrieval tool will prompt you to select Kik & Attachments, then proceed to scan your iPhone storage for Kik chat history and other files & documents exchanged via Kik messenger. You will be presented with all found Kik data, including your chat conversations, text messages, and files received via Kik. To print out Kik chat history, you need to click Kik from the left category, then all your Kik conversations will be listed in the middle column. Find and click to select certain Kik chat via contact name or person, you can preview its content in the right column. There will be a Printer icon above the Kik chat history preview window. By default it will be grayed out as no Kik data is selected. When you have selected certain Kik conversation or messages in it, you can click on this Printer icon to open the printing preview window where you can preview and adjust the printing setting before printing out the Kik messages from iPhone.

recover kik chats, attachments from iphone to mac

Method 2. Print iPhone Kik messages using Kik backup

The above iPhone data recovery has a toolkit with various utilities, like iOS System Recovery, iOS data backup & restore, iPhone WhatsApp transfer, backup & restore, iPhone full data eraser, iPhone private data eraser, iPhone Kik backup & restore, iPhone Viber backup & restore, iPhone Line backup & restore.

iPhone Kik Data Backup & Restore

The Kik data backup tool can help iPhone users easily back up Kik chats and data from iPhone to computer in just one click. Follow instructions included in previous linked article to back up KIK chats from iPhone to computer first. Then you can preview data contained in the KIK backup file, select, export data from KIK backup file to your PC or Mac computer. You can even directly select and print out KIK chats from the backup file as like how you can print Kik messages from iPhone after scanning its storage in Method 1 above.

Method 3. Print Kik chat history using iPhone backup

iOS data backup and restore can backup various file types on iOS devices. You can backup Kik chat history from iPhone to computer using it as well. After that you will have the options to view Kik messages saved in the backup file, export them to your computer as CSV and HTML files, print them out to paper using a printer, etc.

Which Kik messages printing method to choose?

The iPhone data recovery, iPhone Kik backup & restore and iPhone backup & restore are different tools in the same iOS toolkit software.

iPhone data recovery is mainly used to rescue your lost data on the phone. When your files and documents were deleted in error, deleted by virus, or they were lost due to other causes, you can use this tool to scan your iPhone internal storage to find and extract them from iPhone to a PC or Mac. iPhone Kik backup & restore, just like the name implies, lets you back up Kik chat history and files from iPhone to computer and restore Kik backup from computer to iPhone. iPhone backup & restore is able to backup more file types.

They are priced differently and selling separately. You can only purchase the iPhone data recovery or tools in its toolkit. The iPhone data recovery tool costs $49.95, single user lifelong license, free upgrade for all future upgrades. iPhone Kik data backup for PC costs only $19.95 while its Mac version, the iPhone Kik data backup for Mac OS, costs $29.95. These are also single user lifelong license, free upgrade for all future upgrades.

If you want to recover lost iPhone data, like photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, you want iPhone data recovery. It can also help you print Kik messages from iPhone. If you just want to back up Kik messages and print Kik messages, you want the iPhone Kik backup & restore.

Update: this article was originally published in 2016 and has since been updated. In Oct 2017, the Kik chats printing via iPhone backup & restore has been added.