How to quickly delete all screenshots on iPhone iPad?

Capturing screen on an iOS device is very easy. Just press the power and home buttons at the same time, your screen will be captured and saved to the Camera Roll or Photo library as images files. You can then use the screen shots, just like any other photos taken using your iPhone or iPad’s camera. As a tech editor, I capture screens very frequently, be it screenshot of new apps, screen video recording for demonstrations, etc. You can follow this guide to capture screen on iPhone in different ways. And I find it could be tedious and time consuming to find out and clear those old screen shots. It is a good practice to delete screen shots from your device after they have served their purpose. You can backup them to an external storage if need, such as your PC or Mac. Otherwise you will have a huge photo collection stacked full of useless screenshots from our past. These out-dated screenshots require more valuable storage space on iOS device and iCloud, what’s worse, they make our backup more and more difficult.

Sure, you can find and delete screenshot images within the Photos app on iPhone iPad just like you remove any other media files there. However, if you have saved lots of screen shots taken from past, you will realize it is not easy to find out all of them. By default files in photos app are sorted by date. Is there any way to locate screenshots on iPhone and iPad quickly? Actually you can also use albums to sort and organize photos and videos in the Photos app for iOS. Launch the photos app, you can find Photos and Albums tabs at the bottom. The Photos tap opens automatically. So many people didn’t even realize there is an Album option to find, view and manage the media files. Tap Album in Photos app, you will see all created albums. Some of them are created by Apple. For example, when you record a time-lapse video on iPhone, Apple will generate the time lapse album or folder to save it. It is the same with the “Selfies” album, “Screenshots” album, just to name a few.

screenshots album in ipad photos app

Open the screenshots album that contains all your screen shots taken on your iPhone iPad or iTouch. Then tap Select in the upper-right corner, you can touch to select multiple screenshots to delete. If you like to clear all screen captures on iOS device, tap Select and then you will see the Select All option shows up, in the upper-right corner. Touch it, all screenshots will be selected, Now tap the trash can icon in the upper left corner to quickly delete all screen shots from your iPhone iPad or iPod touch.