Enable Reader View in Safari browser on Mac

Browser reader mode can help us get rid of annoying elements from web pages, such as ads, floating navigation and so on. You can also easily adjust font, font size and background color in reader view mode. Most browsers support this reader view or reader mode, like Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc. If you are on Mac, you can follow below quick steps to enable and disable reader mode, show and hide reader view in Safari web browser.

Show reader view on current page in Safari on Mac

Launch Safari browser on your Mac, visit the web page you like to read, wait a second until it is fully loaded. Then you should see the Reader View icon before the website address in your browser address bar. Click on it to show reader view. It will then remove all distracting items from the current web page. Font and its size is changed automatically for better reading experience. Hit the double AA after the website address to customise the font size, background color, font style. See below screenshot.

Enable Reader View in Safari browser on Mac

To quit reader mode and return to the normal mode, simply click the Reader View icon before the website address.

Enable Safari Reader Mode for specific websites

You can also activate the reader mode for specific website so all pages from this website will be rendered without any ads or distractions.

Launch Safari and click Safari from the top menu bar, choose Preferences from the drop-down menu. The General settings tab opens in a new window. Switch to the Websites tab.

Enable Reader View for specific websites in Safari browser on Mac

Click Reader in the left menu. This screen shows you all the webpages you currently have open. Find the website you like to enable reader view mode on, click to select the On option in the dropdown menu to activate reader mode or reader view for the entire website.

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