Recommended reading for the Month January 2015

Apple fans had been waiting for long for the large screen iPhone. Many people had realized this trend much earlier before the release of iPhone 6. So if Apple could make super sized smartphones like Samsung, Lenovo and many of its competitors do, other smartphone’s market share will decrease dramatically. This came true last year when Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Apple had made the right call in addressing display size. The record-breaking sales volume of iPhone has proved that. You can find out more details about this issue from this article titled Apple Sells A Super-Sized 74.5M iPhones In Q1 2015 Thanks To Super-Sized 6 And 6 Plus.
iPhone 6 and 6 plus
Not only Apple fans love the big display iPhone. We have also seen many consumers who used an Android cellphone had already jumped ship. Samsung being the most famous Android smartphone manufacturer has the most market share in the smartphone market. But things may change in the near future. In fact we have already see the change in the past year. Samsung’s global smartphone market share slipped almost 5 percent in 2014. Millions of Android users have or will jump ship and buy the iPhone 6 or 6 plus.

More iPhone related articles on our site are visited as more new iPhone users just switched from Android to iPhone. They are playing and learning on their new iPhone. For example new iPhone users may do not even know how to delete magazines on iPhone as Newsstand is just something new to them. Also deleting reading list on Safari for mobile may seems to be tricky for them. People buying iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, because they are so cool. Thus they can’t let the ringtones on iPhone to be generic. They buy new ringtones or make custom ringtones using existing music songs, like MP3, M4A on computer, then sync ringtones to iPhone to replace the default ringtone. Email has been the basic communication tools for years. We can’t live without emails now. Thus almost all iPhone or iPad users will add their emails account to their device at the first time when they received the device. The Mail app for iOS is compatible with most POP and IMAP emails, such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook and your self-hosted emails. When you add an existing emails account on iPhone or iPad, you will get all old emails downloaded to your iOS device. If you do not want to get all those emails on to your device, you can refer to the following guides to stop iPhone downloading old emails. Almost everyone nowadays has more than two email addresses. At least one private email account, one email account for work. See this guide to add additional email account on iOS device. When you switch phones, there are a lot of content you may want to copy from PC to iOS, or from an old phone to iPhone. There are a lot of phone transfer tools can help you with phone data transfer. But most of them are not free. Luckily, many free apps seems to have this feature built-in, such as Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. These are element mobile apps all smartphone users would love to have on their device. You can transfer videos between Android to iOS device using WeChat. If you do not have one yet, see how you can install Skype on iPhone iPad here. If you use a cloud hosting service to manage your content, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, you can actually sync your files to various devices easily. For instance, you can download videos from Dropbox to iPhone iPad.

As the mobile usage grows, more and more content are saved on our smartphones. We are moving a lot of content from PC or Mac to our mobile devices. One prominent issue comes with this trend is data management. It seems to be easier to lose data on cellphones than PC. Thus more smartphone users are searching for data recovery solutions on the web. For example, WhatsApp users may delete messages in error, thus want to recover WhatsApp chats on Android or iPhone. Contacts and text messages are two most important file types on our cell phones. Samsung users may look for text messages recovery solution for Samsung, photo recovery solution for Galaxy phones, and so on.

The era of feature phone is gone. The Smartphone market is expanding rapidly. Smartphones are powerful enough to let their users do much more things on the phone. As a result, we have seen more Android users trying to reset their phone to factory status and some data are lost due to phone reset. Here is the solution to recover lost data after phone reset.

Above are the recommended reading artiles and posts for the Month of January 2015. We hope you enjoy it!