Record Android phone screen using Total Control

Easy steps to record Android phone screen and capture anything displaying on your phone screen on Windows computer using Total Control, a free Android phone PC control software.

Total Control provides us the perfect solution to allow our computer to be able to control our smart phone. It can mirror our Android phones to PC, you can then use mouse and keyboard of your computer to control the mobile phone.

mirror android phone screen to pc using total control

Since what displays on your phone screen is also displayed on your computer monitor, you can easily capture screen of your mobile phone using any screen capture tools. For example, you can use the built-in utility to record screen in Windows 10. In fact, this Android phone PC control software also comes with the inbuilt screen capture utility. To do that, go to connect up your phone to PC following the first linked article above. Then in the phone viewer window, click the side menu, choose Record Screen to start recording your phone screen.

Record android phone screen videos using total control for windows

In the recording process, the record button becomes red. When you want to stop recording, click that button again to finish the recording. The recorded video clips will be saved to your computer hard drive. Your mobile phone screen recordings are saved as MP4 files. You can find the output folder from settings of the Total Control software. Go to the control panel of this software, click the gear Settings icon, the save path of screen recordings will be displayed. By default it is set to ‘C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Videos’. You can also change another location to save the screen recording videos if like.