Record audio from Audition using Soundflower

In an earlier article, we explained how Audition users can make use of the Soundflower to record Mac internal audio using Audition. Instead of capturing external sound from microphone, it grabs internal audio from Mac system. The free virtual audio device software serves as a great tool in video tutorial production. You can make use of Soundflower in conjunction with the QuickTime Player to record screen videos on Mac for completely free. Today, we will use Audition in the demo to show you how to record Audition video tutorials with direct audio output from Audition. 

Here are the quick steps to record screen videos with Quicktime Player. Find and launch QuickTime Player from the Launchpad on your Mac. Pull down the File menu, select New Screen Recording to open the recording window and start recording anything displays on your desktop. If you want to know more, you can refer to this quick guide to record screen on Mac with QuickTime.

quicktime player screen recording mac

So how to record audio from Adobe Audition using Soundflower on Mac? You can configure the audio hardware  in Audition to route the sound from Audition to Soundflower first. After that go to configure the QuickTime settings to capture sound from the virtual audio device, Soundflower. Here are the details.

Step 1. Audition output audio to Soundflower.

Open Audition on your MAC. Click Adobe Audition from the top menu bar, select Preferences from the drop-down list, then choose Audio Hardware from the sub-menu. You will get a new screen where you can configure the audio devices and settings for Audition. Simply choose Soundflower (2ch) as the Default Output, then apply the change.

Adobe Audition Audio Output to Soundflower on Mac

Step 2. Record sound from Soundflower using QuickTime Player

Launch Quicktime player on Mac, pull down the File menu, select New Screen Recording. Once the screen recording window opens, you can select a different audio input from the down down list besides the red Record button. See this screenshot.

Quicktime player to record screen and internal sound from Mac system using soundflower