Record audio from Edge browser read aloud

Microsoft Edge browser has the Read Aloud feature, a text to speech voice reader, that reads the text of a web page out loud. It is very useful when you prefer to listen to books or articles rather than reading them. If like, you can also use this text to speech voice reader to convert text files, PDF, web pages, ebooks to audio. In this quick guide, we will share with you a free audio recorder and editor that can help Windows users easily record the sound from Edge browser and save them as MP3, WAV or OGG audio files.

Enter Immersive Reader in Edge

Launch the Edge web browser on your PC. Head to the webpage where you want your browser to read out aloud. You may want to enter Immersive Reader mode in Edge browser so as to get rid of any annoying ads and other clutter from the page.

In a previous article, we demonstrated how you can enter reading mode using Immersive Reader before you can print a clean web page without ads or other clutter in Edge browser. If you refer to this page to turn on the reader mode in Edge browser if you don´t know how.

Read PDF, TXT, HTML and more files saved on your PC

You can even open local files and documents with Edge browser and use its Read Aloud feature to read the text from them. Simply drag those TXT, HTML, PDF files from your desktop or Windows file explorer to the Edge browser to open them, then select text to read or read all the text.

Use Microsoft Edge Read Aloud

Once the web page or local document is opened in Microsoft Edge, right click on blank area or any text, then choose Read Aloud from the context menu, Edge browser will start reading from the current paragraph to the end of the page. You can also highlight a section of text on a page, then right click on it to read out aloud.

Click Voice options at the top right corner to change the speed or change a voice you prefer.

microsoft edge web browser for windows - read aloud settings and control

About Audacity audio recorder & editor

Audacity is an open source, easy-to-use, multi-track audio recorder and editor for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. It is the ideal free tool that we can use to record audio from Edge browser read aloud for free. Find more information about Audacity audio recorder and editor here.

Record audio from Edge browser read aloud

Run Audacity, in the Device toolbar of this audio recorder and editor program, then choose the Windows WASAPI as the Audio Host, the “(loopback)” input in the Recording Device box, for example, “Speakers (loopback)”, “Speakers (Conexant Smartaudio HD)(loopback)”, “Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) (loopback)”.

audacity windows wasapi audio host

After that go to Edge browser to read the text or article and hit the red Record button in Audacity to start recording, click the yellow Stop button to stop the recording. Play the recorded audio in Audacity to make sure the audio has been recorded. The free audio recorder even allow you to edit the captured audio before saving or exporting it.

Note that the voice recorder will capture any sound played from your computer, so you should not play any other audio or music from other programs when you are recording audio from Edge browser read aloud. External sound won’t be captured through microphone during this recording process though.

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  1. That is probably fair and fit if you have free time since the recording can takes hours. Another drawback is it might be that some system notifications could include to your recording.

    I create a website that can convert text into voice with exactly the same result as microsoft edge voice. Check the libk to the website in my bio.

    The voice generation is practically fast since it doesn’t record as audacity does.

    You might consider to try and please let me know the result.

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